Friday Product Update

Some companies talk, some companies do!! BBT invested and researched for a better head, at least equal or even better as an original VW head!

When we say that we try to avoid China reproduction only made for money we DO avoid Chinese quality where we can, here’s another proof of that with our ultimate, best of the best aftermarket head for your aircooled VW money can buy today!!

We learned a lot from all customers feedback on the previous Auto Linea head, we made our homework well! We brought our notes to the manufacturers drawing boards , and they made a complete new set of high quality tooling! With many communications and strict follow-up…

Once ready we tested several pre production units with amazing results! So now we sell them for a while without ANY complaint! Time to buy yours?

1720 New cylinder head, bare, dual port, Combustion chamber: 51ml (3.11 CI)

But we do more. We assemble the bare Auto Linea head with extreme high quality valves Made In Switzerland (yes that little country known for its immaculate top mechanical watch productions!) High quality valve springs, clips and retainers. We provide this assembly in Belgium for total quality control on labour and parts used!

1721 New cylinder head, dual port, complete, Combustion chamber: 51ml (3.11 CI)

Tell me what you didn’t like on those pictures!! What a head!! We’re so proud!!

Priced super competitive to sell!!

Buy from companies who love your Volkswagens and the quality parts they provide just like you do!! The owner of Auto Linea is a real Volkswagen aficionado… producing more Mercedes-Benz truck engine blocks as Mercedes-Benz themselves. In South America they can’t by no means be called a small company. The effort Mr Hübner made to bring us these new heads was immense, and with this we like to thank him so much for all the efforts he made for us and the whole VW community!!!

BBT is the proud main distributor for Auto Linea products for your Volkswagen for entire Europe, Asia and Australia, all inquiries we love to receive on

The BBT FPU team wishes you a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Dear BBT team: AutoLinea was glad to work with you in this new development, we are sure that the whole market will test and approve the new cylinder head. Thank you, all the best!
    Bruno Janz – AutoLinea Export Sales Manager

  2. Looks to be a very nice head with good cooling capacity.
    But why on Earth did you not opt for 3/4″ spark plugs???????

  3. Hi Torben
    Thanks for the compliments…
    We designed this head as much as we could and therefor used the original spark plug size. That’s the only reason. We can’t please everybody as much as we would…. sorry for that…..

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