The Schwimmwagen club from Paris in the fifties! Many super cool period pictures!

When I drove my 52 Convertible to its second owner in Paris about 10 days ago (see Blog report HERE) Mr Thomas told me that he used to own a schwimmwagen before the convertible and participated in a club for Schwimmwagens in Paris in the fifties, he had plenty of pictures what we went through for almost two hours… some of these pictures I could not resist to share with you here below!!

Cool beautiful period photographs!

2018-05-10 15.27.35_resized

The club called “Autocross” and they even had a cool logo!

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2018-05-10 15.28.34_resized

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All the pictures are made between 1951 and 1959… here at the salon nautique in 1953!

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They used the schwimmwagens mostly for holidays all over France, swimming suits mandatory!

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They had up to 6 schwimmwagens participating!  Even back then!!

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Action!! This was the president of the club!!

2018-05-10 15.17.09_resized

Some pictures are a real work of (photography) art!

2018-05-10 15.17.46_resized

2018-05-10 15.23.57_resized

2018-05-10 15.23.17_resized

2018-05-10 15.22.41_resized

2018-05-10 15.22.15_resized

2018-05-10 15.18.33_resized

2018-05-10 15.17.52_resized

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2018-05-10 15.28.42_resized

Camp out!!

2018-05-10 16.08.36_resized

2018-05-10 15.34.28_resized

Some converted their schwimmwagens real bizar! This guy was a friend, not a member, and lived in a ski resort, only car that could reach his house was a schwimmwagen!

2018-05-10 15.32.47_resized

This was the Schwimmwagen of Mr Thomas himself how he bought it!

2018-05-10 15.32.29_resized

Those were the days!!

Happy sunday to everybody! Greetings from the incredible Ben Pon Show, watch this Blog for a full report!!

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