Flat4 news, Mr Komori will retire.

Earlier this week we had to honour to receive a letter from our Japanese collegaues of Flat4 of Tokyo fame.

The sad news is that Volkswagen icon Mr Takashi Komori will retire as from now feb 28.

Mr Komori will be followed by Mr.Nao Fujita as president of the very famous Japanese Volkswagen parts company Flat 4.

We want to thank Mr Komori thoroughly for all he did for the VW community. He was the man behind the first aftermarket BRM wheels, steeringwheels and many good old EMPI products. Off course they made many other parts as well, but the most impressive was Mr Komori’s private collection. with so many rare and desirable cars and parts man could easily drool for hours!

After 42 years we wish Mr Komori a well-earned retirement and may he stay active for many years. This picture was taken from Mr Komori and yours truly many many moons ago…:)

2018-03-08 17.16.56_resized.jpg

Thank you so much Mr Komori for all you did for the Volkswagen community, You’re one of our real Volkswagen heroes!!



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  1. oh yes, i used to have a lot of hair… I’m planning to post pictures out of the old box on a couple of sundays, watch carefully, you will be surprised!

  2. Happy retirement Mr. Komori.
    I never had the privilage to meet you in person.
    But I know you right from the beginning,
    from my USA experience with VW – houses
    overthere. Diana Import in Detroit, owner family
    of me, was already Empi – dealer in the late fifties / early sixties.
    And imported himself a windshield washer unit (was Luxe ) from
    Holland or Germany. That’s were the name DIANA came from.
    I worked over there for German exporter and USA importer.
    From 1967 – 1977. in 3 – midwest states, NY and CA. That’s were the business was at that time. Meeting Empi, Scat ( Tom Lieb ) people
    and many others, which were the pioneers of VW – goodies.
    Pieter Los, since 1967 in VW – Parts.

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