Friday Product Update

Welcome to our weekly product update.

This week also we have some news for you!

These small plates are many times missing or totally worn out on many split window buses. Originally painted ,we’ve decided to stock them in stainless steel, for those who don’t like scratched paint on their, bus, just buff them up and they will become all shiny! If you don’t like them shiny, you can still paint them….:)  This is a two in one solution this way…:)

Sold by the pair, and proudly tested on several buses out of the BBT collection.

7437-600 Catch plate door window fasterners – Bus -07/67 stainless steel (pair)

After a longer than expected delivery time we’re proud to announce we’ve got these heater elbows back in stock now… These heater elbows do fit your VW bus if dressed with a Type 4 engine…

1080-450 Elbows heat exchanger to heater flap Type4 (pair) – Bus 08/71-07/85



Our trusty and high quality supplier of ignition parts “BERU” made in Germany, halted the production of the once so famous “Blue Coil”. They replaced it with a blank one, so it’s aluminium metal colored… a certain period in the mid sixties brand new Volkswagens came from the assembly lines with blank coils. Of course a touch of black or blue paint is always possible as well… or just polish it to get that mirror finish… up to your choice. Our goal was only to find the correct replacement for our blue coils…. and we’ve succeeded.

Tested and approved on several cars out of the BBT collection.

This ignition coil is supplied with its correct mounting clamp.

We feel this is more correct as the now obsolete blue coil.

2051-250 12 volt coil Beru with clamp (German)



0116-1 Wing front left 12/1300 75- / original Mexico
€ 112.50 excl.

0538-730 Cargo doormats Type2 -03/55 (pair)
€ 18.00/pair excl.

BBT’s FPU team wishes you a wonderful and exited weekend, maybe we’ll see each other on the Freddy Files VW show in Ninove this Sunday?

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