For sale; 1956 Karmann Ghia Low Light coupe, cool resto project!

We scored one again!

Nice project from an early Ghia coupe, 1956 model, left the factory in the amazing and most beautiful Cognac color!

This baby needs the job but is priced right,  comes with most parts as glass, some molding and small parts and a spare roof!

2018-01-16 16.14.18_resized2018-01-16 16.03.23_resized2018-01-16 16.03.30_resized2018-01-16 16.03.40_resized2018-01-16 16.03.58_resized2018-01-16 16.05.17_resized2018-01-16 16.05.28_resized

2018-01-17 10.51.08_resized

most of the parts are there, all is packed in the car….

2018-01-17 10.51.29_resized2018-01-17 10.52.00_resized2018-01-17 10.55.07_resized

The beauty is “IN” the nose!  Still original paint, this hides nothing… very strong point for this car!

2018-01-16 16.10.36_resized2018-01-16 16.12.28_resized2018-01-16 16.13.16_resized2018-01-16 16.13.21_resized2018-01-16 16.13.31_resized2018-01-16 16.13.49_resized2018-01-16 16.16.48_resized2018-01-16 16.14.11_resized

Fancy an early low light? This baby is priced to sell! I cracked for the car when i saw the original color, cognac must be the ultimate low light Ghia color!

Any further information most easy by email;


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