Friday Product Update

Ready for Christmas and holidays?

We, @ BBT, keep on working on new products and this week we like to introduce following;

For You 1303 or “SuperBeetle” we made the “dummy switch”, the blanks to fill up the holes in your dash, perfect fit and finish, exactly like original. Perfect fit with good tension so definitely no rattle or noise You don’t need…. replace that old scruffy one now, fill up that empty holes or switch that misabused one…

2670-515 Dummy switch cover in dash – Superbeetle, Bus 04/79-07/92

We have following also in our BBT program available for your 1303 dashboard…

2670-500 Shift pattern in dash Superbeetle 08/72-

2670-505 Rectangular strip in dash Superbeetle 08/72-

2670-510 Screw cover in dash Superbeetle 08/72- 


When two metal parts are running over each other, you will always have some metal microparts (metal filings) coming loose. In transmissions, it’s that little left over filings that get absorbed in the oil… Well, this magnetic drain plug will get those micro-metal parts out of your oil and hold onto it for you until your next oil change! I don’t think we have to tell you this is in direct line with the life span of your transmission? Prolong life of your tranny for very little cost!!

1493-030 Gearbox oildrainplug magnetic

Early bay windows or T2a as we call them in Europe have a different front engine tin as beetles and early buses. Front engine tin is between  engine and transmission. To make your engine airtight against your firewall. BBT has this special tin now available and is happy to distribute! We have two models, for in fan shroud oil coolers (single port engines) and for Dog house oil cooler systems (dual port engines).

Order yours now…

2250-180 Front engine tinware singleport – Bus 08/67-07/70 (1600cc)


2250-190 Front engine tinware dual port – Bus 08/70-07/71 (1600cc)

BBT FPU wish you a very relax weekend!!

Stay calm, relax and dream about Volkswagens, after that contact us and we make your dreams come trough…:)

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