For sale; 1957 Single cab Pick up, real 1980’s custom survivor!! Top Chop, channeled, shaved and cleaned, all and everything!

This single cab was  a really well know bus in the Western european show scene of the early nineties, full custom as product of its era this baby was built in the eighties with all “HOT” custom tricks from those golden years of customized cars. All doors and lids operates with solenoids, there’s nice electrics everywhere and all in fully working order.

This baby is fully operational and drives and brakes as it should.

The back has an unbelievable nice camping interior with all one needs! Bed, sink and stove! prefect travel companion for this not faint at hearted!

Are You 80’s custom fancy? Do you like top chops and other neat custom tricks? This is a real 1957 pick up truck… heavily modified in the eighties, and well survived the years till now… the owner/builder had it since the eighties and simply gets too old to use it and decided to sell this one out of his collection! Your chance!

Perfect chance to stand out of the crowd! Perfect chance to get the attraction you want, this turns heads, not a few, but this one really turns ALL heads, wherever You bring  or drive it!

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