Japan next episode, Lunch @ MyBows and transfer to Osaka.

Well the little bus You saw yesterday drove me to my friend Chiaki of MyBows fame, and after talking VW parts for a couple of hours Chiaki invited me for a typical Japanese lunch … in his shop…. wonderful!


Chiaki, his right hand Michael and yours truly….

We had a great day! and we learned a lot… after (late) lunch Chiaki offered to drop me off at Tokyo station with his Camaro.. driving along with a brutal V8 through Tokyo seemed like only fun to me, so I said yes in a blink of the eye…. here we go!

This is downtown Tokyo as far as You can get….

and this… is Tokyo station!

Once inside Tokyo station it was about time to choose the right Bullet train to Shin-Osaka… in japanese this train line call “Shinkansen” can you make it up from the text below??? and will I find my way around in this long tube of people????

all railway roads or on the board….

Order your ticket is on vending machines… and the screens look like this… yes one person please…

Seat in the back row always¬†gives most change for good lugage space…


Ticket bought go to the trains!! Will this be my train???

Enough signs to compare so double-check… yes, found the train!

Time tables keep on looking funny….almost time to enter…. enter what???

… enter to what seems an endless train…:)

Help!! I’m catched in that “endless” train…:)

Thanks God they let me out…:)

To arrive in Osaka in real bad weather… thanks God my hotel was connected with the railway station, so i didnt’ had to go outside….

Dinner time!!

A little sashimi is always good!

View from the room on the 16th floor!

Tomorrow awaits me another adventure with a¬† very special visit… I will give all of you a full report off course… so stay tuned!

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