The bulkhead is tested and will go in production now, Bas and Joost are the happy new owners of the test part!

Bas and Joost PGSG came in on last Monday after my Saturday call for a “test bus” to fit the 1st sample of our bulkhead, we started right away and by Wednesday we knew the two small details we needed to know before we can start production. The details been already passed on to the tooling company. once these tooling trim is finished we will asap let deliver tooling to stamping plant and hope to ship first fresh produced bulkheads to BBT HQ in October….

.They will be available from somewhere November more than likely, but we will try to speed up!

We take reservations from now on, but plse understand this is  the early Bulkhead (the half-moon in the back) past barn door (03/55) and only fit up to VIN nr 971549… if sales will satisfy we will make also the later model bulkhead….

We will try to get some pictures and a movie from the stamping process….

Thanks to Bas and Joost to grant their bus to us for testing, and bring them same day… this was good!

We continue to the next projects, parcel trays, gasflapdoors, side gates for pick ups, cab doors etc etc, many things going through our minds and been in various states on drawing tables to really close for production … stay tuned on BBT blog for all info and know it first….

BBT… nobody can beat our passion!

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