Super rare and for sale! Barndoor Fully crash gearbox and Barndoor front axle in VERY good condition

Transmission  is serial nr 2-0423 196 what means its made somewhere around June 1952, it’s a fully crash (totally unsynchronized) gearbox in very dry condition, disassembled in the sixties and always dry stored over all those years…

The Front axle is serial nr  2-048571 what means its made March 1953 its complete with spindles and is really rock solid, same thing, as transmission dismantled in the sixties and ever kept dry ever since!

Transmission and Front axle are either available together or seperate, choice is yours! Everybody realise these are very, very rare parts! Especially in this totally untouched condition… no cancer, no rot, no place! The best money can buy for your project!

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Thank You!

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