SOS Parts research, ….can we help a desperate customer?

I’m looking for this parts for a Bay window sliding roof, these are the rear guides… I need both sides to make a very desperate customer happy again, I pay the price, no problem, just contact me on if you have them and want to sell them…  let show this Blog can do “wunders”… thanks ahead!!!

PS VW part nr written aside for the NOS guys between us…

update; the VW part nr is not correct on the picture, the exact part number we need is

241 877 541

2016-05-23 12.17.15


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  1. I contacted Etienne from Evam offcourse last week,(I know how Google works…:)) and he told me he didn’t had this anymore in stock… or didn’t want to sell anymore??? anyway Yes I google things before I spread it out loud… but thanks anyway…


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