For sale! Four Split window beetles! Fresh arrived from very far “Up North”!

BBT is Split window beetle walhalla!

When we could strike this deal to buy these 4 split window beetles at once we hardly blinked an eye! We took our time, made sure seller was happy and felt the joy growing right in our stomach… these baby’s would come home… what started in April this year is ready now… enjoy our story!


Ever dreamed of a split window line up? All are complete and driving condition cars!!

Ready for transport now!

DSC04256_blogIt seems as they say… we’re ready,  we like to make more kilometers, even if where old, we’re not survived to sit! Give us that road, give us that stretch of concrete, we can proof we’re not tired yet!…. release us from our stables and we provide You all joy You can stand…and more…

ok, let’s start loading! All cozy on one truck! Travelling together is so much more fun! Don’t You think?

001 tpt_blog

Unloading the truck was a blast!

DSC06002_blogBig truck, small cars!

DSC06003_blogA nice angle from the camera can do wonders for the future…. BBT Koen in full action unloading the truck…

DSC06035_blog You ever saw them “doublestacked” before? Only @ BBT!

DSC06037_blog All parked nicely before BBT building… ready for first inspection!

DSC06123_blog Not your “everyday visitors!”

DSC06121_blog I just love the different angles… this picture shows You the simple design… forget Art Deco, Art nouveau and all that other glamour stuff, here functionality before everything… can we call this style with a certain influence from the Bauhaus movement?


Not THIS picture!!!! What You think you’re doing there?????


Let’s start that picture shoot, one by one now! Nothing better to enjoy our new toys intensely…..

DSC_0465_blogJune 1951 Build split window beetle is (as all other three) a very very old repaint. the expression of the car is drooling beyond any point! The right amount of patina to make even the most fervent restoration freak turn around…

DSC06125_blogInside the car sports an original interior, and a more than decent headliner… even your wife wouldn’t mind to take a drive along in this patina car!


Sporting Ribbed bumpers and moldings, round wipers, full ft hood logo, OG fenders, taillight and headlight, 16′ wheels and the list goes on…  this was a parts car actually since 1963!!!

DSC06135_blogNo we do not save the best for last, but present it to You as a second… Build in Aug 1951 if You’re into OG interiors this is the best split in the WORLD! money can buy….  One repaint, this paint was applied in 1976 in the slightly wrong color of Golf-blue….paint is little too shiny maybe, but the entire car present well!


DSC06162_blog Ribbed bumpers and moldings, round wipers, full ft hood logo, OG fenders, taillight and headlight, 16′ wheels and the list goes on.  The originality in parts of this car is large to say at least. also sports a OG 25HP engine fed by a 26VFIS carb….

DSC06168_blog As said before, the quality of the OG interior is above all imagination, imagine…. almost 65 years of age!

DSC06169_blog Is this my personal favorite? Black does suits a Split window beetle for sure very well… Black patina even better! Build in Jan.1951 this is a real survivor! DSC06203_blogThis is a very very old repaint, more than likely from the very early fifties…  but very well done… I like especially the look of this car! Nice and scruffy, but still presentable, the exact right dose we need for a nice patina car!

DSC06206_blog This baby is as complete as the two above but is sitting on 15 inch wheels, 16-inch wheels, however, are coming along inside the car…. now, how do you like this look?

DSC06210_blogLast but not least… the oldest of the pack…  Sept 1950 build this car will not retire at 65 years of age, that’s for sure!

DSC06247_blogLooks good and is most economical priced of the pack, but is slightly less original, one OG fender, other ones are also OG but from later models, and a couple of other things make this car stands out to the down side, but as said this  reflects in the price… DSC06253_blogReady to look life through the Ft windshield of a split?  Grab your change! All 4 splits are drivers and will be sold individually to the first buyer that steps up…

DSC06260_blog Endless beautiful… and all for sale…

DSC_0271_blog All 4 are running and driving cars… 3 do have a 30DIN (that’s 36 SAE) HP engines installed, mainly with correct 25HP outfit, these three have all of them a 25HP core engine inside the car, the Light blue car that has a 25hp engine installed don’t has a spare engine coming along…


Did we catched your interested? Are You interested to see more?

Pick your favorite and email to with all of your questions, for extra High resolution pictures and /or for pricing…

I will try to respond as soon as I can….:)

Again, all this Gem’s are in driving and braking condition, and could be driven… for those unexperienced ones however a small warning… a split is an old car, call it a little antique maybe… stop dreaming to use these cars as daily drivers, the nostalgic side of this cars is immense at large, but safety today is slightly different as roughly 60 years ago…

Sweet dreams now….


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  1. Hi Hans

    the Ft window is one piece the back is two piece, hence the nickname “Split”

    always at your fully service


  2. Ohhh putain ,,, mais jusqu, ou tu vas allez bob
    je t avoue que ce soir tu m as exiter …en esperant que ces vw resterons vintage

  3. What a great find. I have always dreamed of finding an original split window and here you have found 4 at once. Congradulations. I would be in heaven with any one of them. I know it is your job to do so but it is a pity to have to break them up after they have been together for so long. At least you have been lucky enough to bring them out to the light.

  4. Hi
    Holly Molly love the splits, collection is possible, but can you advise which cars are available for sale, thanks
    Best Regards

  5. I need you to tell me the value in us dollars of each split individually ,i would like buy one split thank ,…..jose

  6. hey how much you want for the black one and you said the green one is more afordable and where is this cars thanks I wait for your response

  7. Hi Chris

    thanks for nice comment, it might be my job, but above everything its my passion, I love to do this…:) Maybe You should be buying one for your peace of mind….:)

    talk soon!


  8. Its the patina’d black or dark blue for me. Please indicate your asking price for each. A special price too for the pair would be helpful.

  9. wat is de vraagprijs van de split kevers , ik ben op zoek naar zo een model of wel een ovali van 54 – 55 maar moet dan wel de pijlpinkers hebben, gelieve me even te contacteren via mail


  10. Sehr geehrter Verkäufer ,

    Ich bin interessiert an einem ihrer VW Brezelkäfer.

    Bitte teilen sie mir was sie im Einzel für die Autos haben möchte?


    Andreas Konz

  11. Hello Bob,

    Could you please tell me the price for the blue one?
    Is it possible to visit you next week? which day is better for you?


  12. Because I don’t want to be my homepage nor Blog to be a database for all and everybody, if you’re real interested in a car of us, You will be brave enough to inquire for a price I guess, and we don’t cater for time wasters and internet tourists…. we play around indeed, Volkswagens for close to 35 years, and still love every move we make….

    as always at your fully service


  13. hi i was interested in the selling price for the black split and possibly transport costs to australia ? thanks 🙂

  14. I have a beautiful Standard model from 1950. As I’m sure you know, these are the rarer of the Split Windows, and argueably the purist of early VWs with their originally conceived simplicity of design almost unchanged from the KdF wagen. I would consider an exchange with two of the best DeLuxes.

  15. Hi
    I really interested in one of your VW, I am aware of how much could they cost.. could tell me the price of each one ?

  16. Damn Bob! I just saw this about the four Splits! Awesome score! You da MAN! One of these days maybe I’ll own one, I already have a almost complete rebuilt 25hp engine tucked away in the garage… I can dream! Maybe if I sprinkle water on the engine, it will grow up into a full Split Bug?

    I miss you guys! Glad to hear of your adventures!

    Bill B.

  17. Hey Bill

    this was a nice score…. writing this I’m on my way to my next adventure…. 🙂 follow the blog…

    talk soon!


  18. Can You mail me wen you have a brezel ore ovali for a nice price , with a little work at it, 1953 – 1955.

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