The “Käfergarage” arrived @ BBT HQ!

15 years, that’s about how long  I was on the look out to locate one of these “rarest of the rare” purpose build metal garage box especially to size and dimensions and in form for a VW beetle!

This is build in Germany by the companySiegener AG from Seigweid G ermany in 1955! they been build entire from dirty cheap steel…:) Rust was a huge enemy, probably the reason there’s hardly none left anymore?

It’s the third of these garages I ever saw in the flesh and… third time best time …. this became mine about a half a year ago…. Thanks to BBT buddy Jan for the magic tip!

Enjoy the pictures, when You open the rear door the side door opens with a very simple but super cool mechanism!

DSC04082_blogOur 1949 beetle is on duty as model today….:)

DSC04062_blog In the trump of a big green whale…

DSC04063_blogLook the oh so simple mechanism, but that performs so well!

DSC04064_blogHello……,  out of the side door!

DSC04068_blogGet in, get out and close the door, have a nice sleep lovely beetle….

DSC04072_blogCool huh?

DSC04075_blogClean and closed, nobody see the beetle is inside!…

DSC04078_blogOur 1949 in the mouth of the big green wolf!

DSC04081_blog A very nice addition to our ever-growing collection of VW rarities…

Check it out @ your next visit to our VW paradise….

One more thing we can take of our “wanted” scrap list…:)


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  1. Good idea Gerrit, sell the business and open a museum, I wouldn’t mind, now only have to find that buyer….LOL!


  2. That would be a real “barn find” find the garage-open it up and there is a 49 in it. Yes.

  3. Thanks for the Pelican parts bloggers for this cool pictures, although doubt if it will show to general audience… smaill side note, my Käfergarage is NOT a Lilibox from Sweden, but a Siegener AG from Seigweid Germany from 1955… yes we like the German stuff still the best!


  4. Thank you for sharing! This beauty is quite an unexpected find. It shows the function and construction of the reality. Well done!

  5. Hi Matt

    Thanks for your reaction on my (old 2014) Blogpost….
    We investigated the way of reproduction as that’s what we’re doing for a living, but to build them from scratch You will have to calculate between 7 and 10.000 Euro, plus shipping to your place (this is larger as a car, imagine!) i don’t think too many people would still find it sexy at these prices…:)
    but if you’re interested I can ask the guy who restored mine if he’s still interested to make one for you?
    Always at your service!

    Bob, BBT

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