Congratulations for Street VW’s, Issue 100 is a real momentum!

Yesterday we received the last edition of Street VW’s, one of our favorite VW mags.

This is a real special celebration edition, nr 100!

Hip Hip hurray for Street VW’s….!!!

Cover is a parodie on their cover from their very first issue, Mr Komori of Flat4 fame proudly pose with the very first edition in front of the very same car…

DSC03877_blogFurther down in this issue there is a feature car from every edition, no reason to tell there is several ex BBT cars inside….:)

The most funny I think is this cartoon style drawing of the VW tools of the editor’s garage… cool workshop, don’t mind to visit one day….:)

Enjoy! and pay a lot of attention as there is a lot of detail in this picture…


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