For sale; 1952 “untouched” split window beetle, straight from the barns….

Who imagined to find such a split in 2014? Crazy but we did again!

We thought all barns where empty, but this was a barn survivor! Well hidden away!

DSC00662_blog 4 16 inch wheels, original (painted logo) hubcaps do come along in front trunk. all original fenders, aprons, doors You name it!

DSC00663_blogNever ever replaced taillights, this was even a cool find 15 years ago!

DSC00664_blogInside is a real cool and virgin dash… but over the years they swapped the interior with a later one (except for the back of the backseat) that’s one of the only negatives to this car…

DSC00665_blog 25HP engine, with a seemed fan shroud, not matching numbers but made in Dec 53 while the car it selves is from May 1952.

DSC00669_blogUnmolested original closed H rear apron still on the car since new, yammie!

DSC00673_blogThis we can call “cream”! Original grooved semaphores still in the original semaphore holes!

DSC00676_blog Nice view under the front trunk… yes that the original hubcaps! Some clips are broken on the wheels, so we prefer to keep the hubcaps at a safe place…


Plain VW logo on the hood, most of the moldings are still grooved (some replaced a real long time ago)… but pay also attention to the all original front window trim!

DSC00681_blogYes, we do love original virgin dash pods! Especially when they do come with their original Huff ignition keys!

DSC00690_blogBoth original headlights with VW logo on top are still with the car, more then likely since new… round horn grills mean original split window fenders, more then likely also since new…


A real Time Wrap, that’s all we can say, this was the quality of splits we brought to the open market 15 years ago, but to find a unknown car in 2014 in this condition is something that make us quiet! very quiet!

We worked over two years to seal the deal, and are proud the car arrived last week in our warehouse…

For all further information just send me an email on

PS we still ship worldwide!


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  1. Hi Bob ! I like this car very much, how much it cost and where is it ??? Thank You !!

  2. i am interested in split beetle especially like this one if you have this kind of car , not hesitate sending to my email. thank you.

  3. Thank you very much, yes we do have splits regulary, keep an eye on BBT blog for all updates… and jump by times to times f or a coffee and see what’s new…. we’re all VW people!

    always at your service


  4. Hi Bob, I will always admire these old beetles because in 1962 I was running a late 40s ex Belgian Army model but uk registered 1951.
    It was a very light sand colour with cable brakes (standard model) and the reg I think was VMR 364 but not absolutely sure. It was a good solid car but the engine needed a re-con.
    The car was last seen in the Woodleaze area of Sea Mills, Bristol, UK in the 60s and although I do have mates in V-DUB Clubs with similar models no one has ever come across my old beetle.
    I am always on the lookout but I fear its gone forever.
    I don’t know where you are based Bob but should you be near me I would be round to see you.
    Keep up the good work.

  5. Hi Maurice

    nice to catch this story, wonderfull!

    BBT is based in Brecht near Antwerp Belgium…
    However i do travel the world and writing this for an example out of Lavenham where I spend this weekend for a superb meeting of Vintage Volkswagens.

    sorry i can’t help to re find your beetle, but if You have a picture it might be perfect to make a Blogpost… quiet a few VW guys from UK follow my blog and who knows?????

    always at your service, and keep the VW faith!


  6. Hi Bob, Thank you for that but sorry I was not into taking photo’s when I was younger so I don’t have any of the beetle, and yes I do regret it.
    I’ve found you on the map by the way and I would call it DKW country as there are numerous clubs and meetings for deeks in Europe which some of my club mates attend as well as the VW meets.
    You will have met some of them no doubt.
    I look forward to more of your pics.

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