The very first Thursday’s Friday product update ….

as Friday November First is a bank holiday in Belgium BBT will be closed completely, there for, and to keep our service beyond any competition we give You this valuable product update one day early….

New in our BBT range of products

BBT # 0636-750 Fog light switch 1303 Super beetle and T25/T3 Vanagon  05/79-08/92 (Do fit also Golf/Scirocco/Jetta -81)

0636-750 1_blog 0636-750 2_blog

BBT # 0405-001 Rubber seal for molding clip all beetle -66 Made in Germany. (also usable for door panel clip but not 100% correct)


 BBT # 0405 Rubber seal for doorpanelclips all beetle. Made in Germany. (correct size!)


BBT # 0409-550 Door panel clips front and rear. all Bus 07/67-07/79. Made in Germany. (These are little smaller as beetle, and now 100% correct!)


BBT productions Highlights…. 

Bay window bus Rear Bumper bracket 08/72-07/79 use BBT # 0019-450 for Left and BBT # 0019-460 for Right side

Quality made in Germany exclusive for BBT, Fit and size EXACTLY as original!

0019-450.1_blog 0019-450.3_blog 0019-460.2_blog 0019-460.4_blog

BBT # 1338 Link pin set T2 -07/63

We went far and above back in the day to get this kit all complete and correct to rebuild the spindles for you 55-63 bus. we’re the only producer of this kit worldwide.


T25/T3 Vanagon Highlights 

BBT # 1595-910 Starter T25 CT/CU 1.9 08/76-07/85


BBT # 1595-912 Starter T25 1.9-2.1 08/85-08/92


BBT # 1595-914 Starter T25 Diesel 01/81-01/84


BBT # 1595-916 Starter T25 Diesel/T-Diesel 02/84-08/92


BBT # 1595-918 Starter Aut. Transporter 08/68-06/81


BBT # 1595-920 Starter Aut. T25 07/81-08/92




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  1. “BBT # 0405 Rubber seal for doorpanelclips all beetle. Made in Germany. (correct size!)”

    The white one was good too ! but no more in stock !

  2. Thanks Fabien.

    I know the white one was good too, but they are not produced anymore, original was black, so we brought back black on general request.

    hope You like it!

    always at your service


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