Friday product update


We like to welcome You near the end of this crazy busy VW week to our weekly Friday product update, Our purchase department was magic, and turned out many new products, We’re all excited to see these going to float all over the global market. So make sure to order yours now, and serve all VW lovers like they deserve, with only the very best quality, very best price, and absolutely the very best service… welcome to BBT world, where we make the magical (VW) things do happen!

Brand new in our program 

BBT # 0348-140 Rear window louvers Karmann Ghia


BBT # 1347-200 Stock front axle bolts Type 2 03/55-07/67 (4pcs)


BBT #1384-500 Lowered spindles discbrakes Type 2 08/72-07/79

100% new dropped spindles for Bay window give you a 6 cm (that’s 2 inch and a little bit) and a offset of 1 cm more . This spindles lower your bus in style but keep it safe and give you all possible driving comforts as original. To lower more we advise to combine these spindles with a lowered front axle.

1384-500 1_blog

Due to popular demand very limited quantity available for the moment !!

1384-500 2_blog

Vent wings for your beloved bay window, now available original from VOLKSWAGEN Do Brazil. A perfect alternative to replace your rusty chunks of mechanical ventilation with pristine quality new stuff, to let the fresh air enter your precious ride…  finally available even for less money as used stuff go for lately!

Vent window assembly, all Bus  68-79 Use BBT # 0517-900 for left and BBT # 0517-910 for right side.

vent wing Bay window_blog

For these we also offer the frames only….

Vent window frame only, all Bus 68-79 Use BBT # 0517-905 for left and BBT # 0517-915 for right side.

Further we finally found one of the missing links in our complete program of the bay window emergency brake . we added to our exploded view, all the other parts on the exploded view are available too!

BBT # 0523-106 Return spring for handbrake lever rod, All Bus  08/67 – 07/79

Back in stock !!

BBT # 2503 Clip & rivet early wheel

Grab yours now. Real spring steel, nothing to compare with the cheaper Chinese wok style material on the market.


BBT # 0020-9 Bumper impact strip front All bus 72-79

Protect your precise investment! perfect fit, perfect look! this is the real deal… your bus will look like million!


BBT # 0021-9 Bumper impact strip rear T2 72

And off course we have the same for rear!

Brand new in BBT program for your beloved  T25/T3 Vanagon….

Finally a way to fix those rectangular headlights! And more parts for these headlights to come…

BBT# 0613-855 Adjusting screw (middle) rectangular headlight T25/T3 Vanagon




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  1. Hello. Can you please tell me where did you purchased the vent wing frame. I’ve been looking all over for it. Thanks

  2. Hi Miguel

    the vent wing frame only is BBT ref 0517-905 for left and 0517-915 for right side. we have both in stock and readily availble… Hector from our sales office will contact you in regards what’s most easy to obtain those from us,

    always at your service


  3. Please contact me as I would like to purchase bay window vent windows for my 1975 Westfalia.

    IN Gratitude,

    +1 310 666 1711

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