Fresh arrived beetles, ready to become yours… and a project Vanagon too!

We got a couple of cool beetles arrived over the weekend, and after a quick wash we’re proud to present these cuties for sale….

Lets start first with this immaculate 1303S build in Sept 1972 this is a very early production car. We bought it straight from the first lady owner, who sold it because of not able to use it anymore, a real first owner old lady car…. in mint condition like it is supposed to be!

A real nice all original paint 1303, in super solid condition, believe me, this is harder to find as a solid oval window, the larger the taillights, the less thickness in metal was used in Wolfsburg.

This baby received extremely well rust prevention, traces are still everywhere, what worked real well as we can see, super solid, all original…. a very nice car to receive a super detail job.

Mint totaly uncracked dashboard,  all together in regards to switches etc. no cracks, no nothing, do come even with original 1303 Eberspächer fuel heater from the factory.

All original red upholstery in extreme nice condition. Pearl white original paint with a cloth red interior, the best of the best color combination to have, where are you gonna find another one?

Mint condition, all original headliner, do we love originality in mint condition headliners? You bet!

Original matching numbers 1600cc engine, this car has it all…

Did we say “solid”? Imagine these inner fenders polished, they will look like new, not even stone chips will be visible…

Next we have a June 1963 “Beryllgrün” Ragtop beetle, a color combo that makes every VW aficionado testosterone working!

Although very solid, this car needs a little work, especially on fenders etc…

But close your eyes and imagine this car shiny… will be unbelievable don’t you think?

A real Yammie, Virgin Outlaw project, don’t let it slip away….

Inside nice, original and complete….

Do you get the ragtop fever looking at the pictures here under?

View from the top… imagine YOU behind the wheel, girlfriend on the passenger seat at your side… hmmmmm

Original engine still in place, or how complete a car from this age can be…

In your garage anytime soon?

Last but not least, we ended up with a T25/T3 Vanagon, more like a parts donor, but with engine and transmission inside its a pretty complete bus, especially because its not rusted to death yet! We will sell this extremely cheap, so grab your change….

When we awakened your interest in one of the above we have real good news, as we made a real good price on them as “take a way” concept. Our car cleaning dept. are little busy lately and are running behind, so we decided to sell these without any detail, to “dampen” the price for the new owner, with some detail and clean up to go for…

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  1. Hi Matt

    no ragtop is still available, if You need some information or want to make an appointment to come over and check the car in person, just email me on

    always at your service

  2. Hi Arana

    if You mean beetles by buggies yes they’re both still available, as many many more, please go to and check our car for sale dept. or go to for full access, just to get an idea, but we have many more like what’s on the web, best is to come by and check your self, we’re highly specialize in early models like ovals and sixties… mainly because we love the classic colors…. most of our cars are first paint as we do love originality, first and for all for what it is, secoind because in case of a restoration, there no secrets or hidden rust or anything…

    any more information please feel free to contact me

    Bob, BBT Belgium

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