Friday Product update, the pre Xmass edition!

As winter is closing in on us and the season holidays are coming up we want to share some Perfect BBT Christmas gifts with you, but first the new add-ons of the ever growing BBT program.


To replace your worn out or broken clip that keeps your bearing on the lower reduction box shaft for your Bus Rear axle 08/63-67 you can use now

# 1447-300  Clip for bearing on lower reduction box shaft, Bus rear axle, 08/63-07/67

And to give your Bus 03/61-07/67 headliner the perfect finish it deserves

# 2910-950  Headliner beading off-white Bus 03/61-07/67

Your Perfect BBT Christmas Gifts; Our selection of what’s cool to give to warm up your beloved one!  

As temperatures are going down and to stay warm during cold restoration day’s ahead there’s nothing better to wear our HQ BBT jacket and knitted beanie… Or just to be “Cool”

# 9950-000  BBT knitted beanie
# 9960-010  BBT jacket black (Medium)
# 9960-020  BBT jacket black (Large)
# 9960-030  BBT jacket black (Extra large)
# 9960-040  BBT jacket black (Extra extra large)

This really is a nice thing for when cruizin your Beetle, very easy to mount or take out. There is place for 2 drinks and some place for other things as sweets, phone… A real BBT Production… Fits in all types of Beetles, Ghia’s, Thing… and they come in 3 different colours. Ivory, black, chrome….

# 0548-01  Stow away rack Ivory
# 0548-02  Stow away rack Black
# 0548-03  Stow away rack Chrome

Also for your beloved Split window Bus 55-67 the new and improved design HQ BBT Production cup holders, and they also come in 3 different colours, Ivory, black, chrome…

# 0548-200  Cup holder Bus 03/55-07/67 Ivory
# 0548-210  Cup holder Bus 03/55-07/67 Black
# 0548-220  Cup holder Bus 03/55-07/67 Chrome

Back in stock :

As our Guy’s from the warehouse are unloading tons of goods as we speak these are some item’s that are back in stock straight available from BBT shelves! order yours now, or make reservations before these things are gone again…

# 0558  Sunvisor real plexi right Beetle 46-60  and  #  0559  Sunvisor real plexi left Beetle 46-60


# 2690  Chrome ring speedometer Beetle 10/52-07/57

# 0525-600  Speakergrill for oval window beetle 53-57 (chrome)


Stay tuned for our next episode!

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