Just in! 1950 Outlaw split window beetle for sale!

We all know the meaning of an Outlaw! There is no better description for this car, living completely outside of the law!

 Sitting like a beast, don’t mention about nothing or nobody, strict in every order…. oh yeah, this baby got it all!  

 62 years of age, still in its youth, The perfect stance extreme cool largely first paint exterior an the OG sprintstars set this one out all of the crowd!

 OG split front hood, no bondo, no camouflage, real steel, BARE!

 Rear fenders replaced, NOS? they do have the taillight dimples and they’re not that easy to make!

 OG taillights, engine lid and pope nose, yammie!

 Perfect patina’d sprints, is there anything that could come better?

 OG Headliner, no further explication needed I suppose?

 Hmmmm lovely splitty dash! can You imagine You behind this steering wheel?

 OG antenna! How many You’ve seen lately?

 to top it off, a set of OG Albert mirrors… overdose!

 cool OG interior, yes upholstery is still original… 62 years old, looks better then You do yourself I hear You say?

 color coded gas tank… this is how they came… factory OG!

 H valence with crank handle peep hole, how it is this? uncut!

 Magic art picture? Can be takin’ on your drive way shortly!

Are You the judge and will take this “lost kid” back on the right track? Or are You the mean guy who think who can handle this “character on its own”? Whatever, You will need to be real man to handle this baby, because this baby is ready to Rock and Roll, Die Hard, unseen and pure adrenaline…. Don’t miss out!  Only one can be the happy new owner, and this car is voted as number one cool car of 2012 from all cars came in by all of us @ BBT HQ. All further contact and information….. Bob@BBT4VW.com

If this was not the type of Volkswagen you’re after, we might have your choice as well, either bus, oval, ragtops You name it, we got stock,


send You inquiries to Bob@BBT4VW.com


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  1. Dear BBT ‘s, how much does this machine made in 1950? how much is to bring it to Brazil?
    is difficult? how much does it cost?

  2. Importing used cars iin Brazil is hardly impossibole, I’m sorry, You have to think about three times the sale price, please call a brooker first, to figure it all out, but there is only few who wants to do…. I’m sorr, but your goverment don’t allow…:(

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