Friday Product update! Another load of usefull BBT product information.

This week some Yammie for all of us!

The blue hose especially made for Brake fluid and used on most late aircooled models between brake fluid reservoir and master cilinder  is always available at BBT in OE under BBT ref 1258, in lengths of 0.5m (just enough for one Beetle) But from now on we can supply also on rolls of 5 meter for the professionals between us that use more frequently… BBT ref 1258-050 Brake Hose blue 5 meters

Oh yes, this is all original and produced by the factory who did produce always for Volkswagen HQ! Beware for imitation!

1001-100 Exhaust bracket 25-36hp

This clamp mounts the muffler to the heat exchangers as well as the tail pipe on these exhausts, finally separate available again! Proudly produced by BBT!


 and looks like this….

Or for the tailpipe

Back in Stock now! Back in Stock now! Back in stock now!

0425-750 Door handles all bus 12/63-07/68 with matching keys (pair)

0425-650 Cargo door handle (short pin) all bus 08/58-07/67 with key

0425-660 Cargo door handle (long pin) all bus 08/58-07/67 with key

0522-100 Emergency brake handle cover – ivory, just one cool accessory!

0522-101 Emergency brake handle cover – black, just one cool accessory!

2439 Wiper arm, all bay window bus

0524-605 Cab door inner grab handle for bus 68-79 (black/chrome)



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