VW Classics meet in Lier was a real Rain Disaster!

Pouring rain, flooded parkings, rained out everything… Lier was totally wet and sucked, but still there was some good friends around, and as it was wet outside, we tried to match our insides to be equal and filled up with a couple cold ones.

Weird buggy creation, made over twenty years ago, still holds up very well, long time BBT customer award..

 Bay windows gaining success every day now….

 Old friend Robby with his latest creation, beetles with V8’s up front seems to become his trade mark. 

 Slammed old Audi’s…. a new look for “Dzé Audi”



 Stefan’s new ride… cool shop truck, in his own home colors…. obviously I think Stefan love’s chocolate…:)

 This looks so familiar, maybe I should post the pics from the barn where its found one day…

 If the lettering was original, Miller had style…:)

 Nothing, but really nothing beats a split!

 Simple is most beautiful… a basic deluxe model….

 Our schwimmie was special guest, could stand under the roof and even a couple of nice ladies came the whole afternoon singing in front it… a real pampered and spoiled veteran, that’s what he is!


 or this….?

 Striking 15 window, nice patina!

 space was no subject as most cars had been flushed more then likely on the way up…. so everybody that did attend had more then enough space for display!

 Pascal on his chopper, I took the picture with backlight to not scare You too much….

 Hedwig , Hans’dad became dissabled after a tragic accident at work, being in a wheel chair with very limited moving capibility’s don’t with hold him to attend local VW shows and sharing a beer with us, so we thought he deserved this price more then anybody else….

 Schwimmie in pyjama’s, ready for a rainy trek home….

all together very small because of the weather, but on small shows You find the time to talk everybody You like as long as You want… advantages….:)

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