Spa, the Human way

Its a week ago we enjoyed Spa Francorchamps Le Bug Show, what a weekend it was! I was fortuntunate enough to meet some really important VW people….

First there was Mr VW, You never met? Well as You can see he walked around in Spa!

More seriously and after all, most of us know that there is one guy who works really really hard to make “le Bug Show” happen, He and his dedicated team goes far, very far to make sure “le bug Show” is what is and will be ready to come for many years…. It was an honour for me to receive my sponsor plaque from my really good friend, President of the Belgian Buggy and VW club, Organsier CEO for Le Bug Show and just one great fellow! Mr Paul Yvon Duffieux!

Paul, out of the heart of thousands of enthusiasts, Thank You so much to put on the greatest VW show on earth for all of us to enjoy!

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