A visit at a comic shop in Antwerp.

Beo, the leading comic shop in Antwerp (if not in Belgium) is always fun to walk by… last week I was really surprised there was even VW Beetles in there showcase! Between Tintin and all other heroes, our own heroe right in the middle, now that’s a nice mix!

Find the beetles!

a cool white one….

and a even more cool green one….

seems these are limited series from Figures & Vous – Aroutcheff. Build for Robbedoes, another famous Belgian comic Heroe, limited series only 199 build, and certified! How cool is that!

but also other cool stuf! How about Tintin and Captain Haddock in their Lincoln?

any interest? All information @ Beo comic stores, Antwerp Belgium.

models, books, drawings, statues anything comics, they have a online shop and do ship worldwide! Just check them out on…. http://www.stripwinkelbeo.be/engels.aspx

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