Let the summer begin! Here’s your summerride!

New arrival! wowh! this blew us away… stunning!!!!

For Sale! 1962 Beryl Green Ragtop bug, ready for immediate delivery!

 a real piece of candy! not to eat but to enjoy! ready for your pleasure!

when I saws this candy babe first time I had a “spontaneous” pee in my pants! The picture is all complete, a dream, a goddess, too good to be true!

every angle, every notch, every corner, this is high class! they don’t come any better!

now this is what we call a vintage dashboard in style… we deliver towels along so You do not have to drool all over it!

originality? the interior is all about originality! seats are still in original fabrics, unbelievable for 50 years of age, see how nice they are!

headliner in same style like the entire car, we think this is replaced ones, but isn’t it beautiful, virgin white! look at heaven through the ragtop, this is real!

this is for sure one of the best cars we can offer this entire year! this sugar babe simply got it all, color combo, solid, no rust no rot, clean, originality, very strong mechanics, very reliable feeling, very well finished, cherished and pampered! This is the Queen from Volkswagen land…. so beautiful!

If you’re interested in this cutie don’t wait too long, it is for sale, but in this quality cars don’t appear that often so I doubt it will stay that long… all information on Bob@bbt4vw.com

Don’t let this cougar slip away….. it sleeps, but You can wake her up, just by giving us a call on + (ask for Bob) or email on Bob@bbt4vw.com


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