US Trip continues Funfest is REAL fun!

We attended Funfest 2012, in Effingham Illinois a VW show organised by Midamerica Motorworks owned by the Yager family.

What can I say? amazing? blown away? extreme well done? After almost 30 years prominent part of the VW community this was one of the best organised shows EVER! Unbelievable, mind blowing, yes indeed, The Yager family knows how to trow a party!

This year was the celebration 40 years after the 15th million beetle produced…

 oh yeah we like combo’s!

 Clean green spotted our attention!

 I was invited to a panel to speak and discuss “collector thoughts” about our VW hobby….. a real experience, especially when not in your own native tongue, but I survived! Definitely something we can do on some European show as well! Steve, the moderator, (completly on the right side here) did a fantastic job!

 Now to attend and become member of BBG busclub of Wisconsin (Wisconsin is called the Diary state) a new member has to wear a cow uniform for entry…. I weared mine with pride! and became full member, other advantages, I can now pay bills in Wisconsin with cheese, as that’s their main product! Altough I warned I will never ever except cheese as a payment for BBT parts!….:) we had a lot of fun all over the weekend, thanks God I didn’t had to walk around the crazy cow uniform the whole weekend! MOOOOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

 Now that’s a combo…..

 In the Midwest custom is still big! one better as the other, I thought this was a cool lookin’ BUG!

 Hippie style, pure sang!

 Wowh, what low, little creature….. looks cool huh?


 all judges and special guests been driven by Mike Yager himself as driver on the Mid America train to the main stage for Saturday evening entertainment…..

 Mainstage Saturday evening act was Eliminator, the ZZ top tribute band, it was just wonderful! Back in time! Good music, beer, all was there, wasn’t it Blake???? YEEEEAAAAAH!

 Offcourse Mike arranged a back stage visit, meet and greet and picture with the band, Mike arranges just EVERYTHING!

On Sunday the fun continued! We just loved this Bus!

Saturday as Sunday I was Celebrity judge and had to pick my choice of the day, Sunday i picked this 1957 oval window, made over 20 years ago, pure, like we love it! Real Cal look from 30 years ago started the whole new inspiration and the VW movement in Europe, hence the importance!  The picture shows my friend Richard who bought the car from the previous owners, a very nice and gentle couple of Tennessee.

all nice things comes to an end, Sunday afternoon, trailers where loaded, tow bars been strapped, we all drive home…. nice sight for us Europeans, the nice oval window convertible pulled by the big pick up truck…:)

 Mike, Laurie, Blake, Michael, Richard, the whole Mid America team, and everybody else we might forget, thanks so much for this weekend! your show is TOPNOTCH  and a MUSTRVISIT during VW life, final! When people ask me, I Will say they have to stop by the Mid (america)West…:) You guys really know what “organising” a show really means!!! Thanks for hospitality, thanks for being our customer, friends and almost family! Just Thanks for everything, I can even not describe with any words…. AWESOME! Congratulations, thanks for one of the best VW weekends of my life!

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