BBT’s Friday product update.

Spring is in the air! Man can feel clearly, or even smell very well when walking through BBT’s HQ warehouse… we’re very busy, shops wants their parts, cars have to be finished, the show season starts and all Volkswagen owners are desperately waiting some sun to come out to really drive their jewels on the public road, enjoy them, play them, use them for what they’ve exactly been made for…

so we didn’t sit still and had a lot of arrivals starting with a full 40 foot US container from the West Coast, containing no less like 24 different suppliers…

 24 suppliers in a 40foot is a lot of parts!!! 

 If that container made “goods in dept.” not busy enough we also had a 20foot container in from Japan, from our VW brothers from Flat4 in Tokyo. 

Being Flat4 main importer for Europe we do a lot of their beautiful parts of high quality, and now all is available from our stocks again, but act quick as things move real fast! a full container is a lot of parts but Europe is a large market…:)!

wohwie, what do we see in this load? The cool 911 Fuchs wheels?

Yes indeed, Flat 4 supplied a load of those reproduction Fuchs wheels finaly, and we even have the Chrome version now, not polished, but really nice and shiny chrome the best and most beautiful!

use these references…

BBT ref# 9538-050 for 4.5×15, BBT ref# 9539-050 for5.5×15 BBT ref# 9538-650 for ‘DEEP DISH6’ 6×15

How beautiful they can be! Imagine your ride on these cool wheels!

 Offcourse we like to bring also some special articles to your attention this week;

 BBT ref 0492-4 high capacity fuel tank all beetles (no Super beetles 1302-03) also for Karmann Ghia! this fuel tank can contain 50% more fuel then your stock fuel tank, up to 60 liters (that’s about 15 gallons!) unbelievable! And fits right under your trunk in the stock place, on all beetles 1961 and after, also on all Karmann Ghia Type 14 build after 1961 but does not fit super beetles, 1302 or 1303 models. perfect for driving that longer distance!

Buggy fans here’s your deal, tyred on that rusty all creepy fuel tank? Here is a real spin on alu gas tank that contains up to 40 litres of our beloved driving spirit, do comes with mounting brackets and gas caps, shut off valve to order separately!

Use BBT ref# 0492-5 for Fuel tank alu (40 litres) & BBT ref# 0492-6 for Shut off valve

 Last but not least this is one of my favourite BBT products of all time… for most people its no secret I’m aside from VW’s also a food aficionado… my preferred cookbook??? the Camper cookbook! can it get any better to see the things You want to make to eat with all these beautiful VW buses aside??? this is also an awesome Gift, for Birthday or BBQ invitations, be original and come down with something original! unbelievable how many people appreciate this!

initially all easy menu’s to prepare and enjoy in a bus, we did already several at home and scored big time, good food can be very simple sometimes!

Order yours under BBT ref#9439 Book:  “VW Camper Cookbook” and don’t forget to order that extra one so You always have the perfect gift at hand for that forgotten or speedy invitation!!! I think the page below is my favourite, is it the menu presented or the picture??? that’s the question! This book can not be missed in any bus, or in any kitchen!!!



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  1. Is dat het camper cookbook waar de foto van Dennis & Seffi in staat?
    Dan wil ik wil een exemplaartje bestellen!!

  2. Hi do you have any flat 4 chrome fuchs in stock
    Your ref 9538-050 4.5×15
    9538-650 deep six
    Many thx shaun

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