BBT’s Friday’s product update!

Another Friday, another product update, a lot of new products this week, wawh, almost an overload… 🙂

Finally we found a good alternative for doglegs for late bay window busses 1973-1979 very nicely made not really comparable with OE, especially these are way cheaper, and way better then the other crap on the market. Check the pictures and order yours! Use BBT#0891-104 for Left and BBT#0891-105 for Right side finally something affordable and useable!

 eye for detail…

More Bay window new goodies with this very nicely made cover for the sliding door lock, situated on the right side in the front… order yours under BBT# 7570-030 This number fits all year bay window bus from 1968 till very end in 1979. 

But also Super beetle or 1303 (as we call on the old continent) don’t be left behind this week, as we received several productions from our 1303/Super Beetle Dashboard project, so we can offer already for sale… all for your dashboard!

BBT Ref.2670-500 Shift pattern —-# 2670-505 Rectangular cover strip  —# 2670-510 Screw cover 

 More super beetle 1302/1303 news, we finally found the many times missing plug in the frame head for all Superbeetles made 08/71 and later. Available under BBT ref# 0799-050 Rubber plug in frame head Super Beetle 1302/1303 08/71-


 T25 or Vanagon lovers the rest of this blog is mostly for you, plenty of new and good items your bus might need!

We got our own proper production of sway bar clamps for T25/Vanagon, produced with proud especialy for BBT in Germany, together with the rubbers they need… so finally something good back available, as used ones are almost always gone! BBT quality production logo proofs the quality.

1355-060 Bracket for swaybar T25/Vanagon 05/79-07/84 

1355-061 Bracket for swaybar T25/Vanagon 07/84-08/92

 1355-050 Rubber for sway bar T25/Vanagon made before 221 (21mm)

1355-051 Rubber stabilisatorstang T25/Vanagon made after 222 – (19mm)

  # 0557-900 Sunvisorclips T25 pair black 

# 0512-800 Guide for door lock knob T25 black

# 0725-600 Heater control lever T25

# 3187-200 Knob on seat lever T25

# 0945-250 Starter handle for Diesel and Turbo Diesel T25 01/85-

 # 0492-955 Breathertube (balancer) on top of the fuel tank T25 05/79-08/92


# 2146-500 Boot intake to airflowmeter T25 83-85

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