Do we love LowLights?

we received this message in our mailbox this morning…

As a happy member of BBT4 Blog, I want to share one of VW beauties with all of you. This is a 1958 convertible ghia, painted L-87 Pearl White.
I bought this car on 1996 at Rio de Janeiro – Brazil. According to Automuseum´s Certificate, this car was sent brand new to Bremen – Germany and, after that, I don´t know how, this car went to the United States until she got to Brazil by the hands of an old German man,
The old man told me he drove this car for his last 20 years. Unfortunally he died only six months I met him for the first time and I bought the car from his son, completelly disasembled.
After almost a decade, I finally displayed my beauty at a car show at the end of 2007. Hope you enjoy.
from Recife City – Brazil






Jorge, thank You so much for sharing these beautiful pictures from your little jewel with us! and if we like LowLights? You bet!!!!

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