BBT’s friday product update.

Wowh, its cold and real winter in Belgium! Temperatures dropped south of freezing point, that’s down a lot! Well in the new BBT building VW life continued. Unloading containers, unpack, count, repack, get it in the shelves, with right labels etc. You name it the job has to be done!

 Yes we also got some new, and some updates about products!

# 4850-200 Tow hitch for splitwindow bus 59-67 The reincarnation from the Westfalia model! Now all ready assembled and ready for delivery!

Comes with all necessary hardware.

#1409-200 Shift linkage boot T25/T3 vanagon Syncro.

#2699-205 Speedo cable T25/T3 vanagon Syncro.

 Brand New!  Keyholders in Bus or Bug model… stop searching the keys, now they got a nice place to be! perfact as a gift! would be nice in your shop, house, workshop or where ever….

# 6100-000 Key holder, Bug model.

 # 6100-100 Key holder, Bus model.


Another container with sheet metal arrived from Brazil. Mainly like every three weeks also this week we got a container nicely loaded with the better Brazil has to offer regarding sheet metal, as a direct importer our prices are shark sharp! and with our own European delivery system mainly unbeatable, all your sheet metal request and inquiries are more than welcome to We promise to do our best to give You best pricing and service!

Danny and Bart unloaded this one, minus 12°C outside so they really are more then happy they work now @ their indoor loading dock. Inside BBT warehouse heaters keeps temeratures above dew point so nice and cosuy to work temperatures!  

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