Friday product update…

Huray huray, its Friday! Hohow hohow we don’t have snow! yesyes, its almost Christmas…. but before that we wanted You to let You know what we did in the before last week of  2011, the week before “shut down”… “Goods In” busy as ever… many shipments arrived, although not really neat new stuff to report, so let’s see what they got in and was important as backorders…

We had a full container from TRW Varga brake parts, wheel cylinders, master cylinders and the like, our complete order didn’t fit so another container will leave factory in early January… Important for us was to buy before there huge price increase effective Jan 01 2012, so we succeeded to keep the low prices for a while…yeah! All Brake parts been unpacked, labeled and now “in the shelves” ready for delivery.

Long missing items came along a consilidaded Brazil container, all rubber floormats for beetles, BBT ref 0538, 0538-1 and 0538-2 so good to have finally back in stock!

in the same Brazil container came a very large order of taillights, and taillight lenses, wowh, almost all back order for while, now all available again from our stocks… BBT ref.0620, 0621, 0622-1, 0623-1, 0624-1, 062-1,  and 0645-50/51/52/55/56/57

 A looong time backorder finally back available from BBT shelves… 0636-2 Emegency flasher switch

Also a container from VW Mexico arrived, bringing us rear sides, corners, doors and fenders, straight from their factory in Peubla, Mexico…. all VW Original equipment, as everybody knows, BBT cares about quality!

another large shipment that came in and been unpacked… Puma Front axles, lowered Front axles early and late, stock and narrowed, we’ve got them all now, ready to go all nice individually packed in a box….

30 DIN (36SAE) Hp push rod tubes also came back in after a longer as wanted non delivery. as You can see just available now from BBT shelves!

Split window bus gastanks (BBT ref 0492-90) are back as well! loooong time non delivery, finally we could force our supplier to run new production… huge stock now, hopefully will last for spring 2012…

and last but not least…. we could lay our hands on the very last “Blue” brakehose lines… Original VW… this brake hose line is used between brake fluid reservoir and master cylinder to connect the steel pipes… price is high for this, but this will be the only thing available for months to come, so retail price order only for now…. order under BBT ref 1258

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