God Save(d) the Queen!

After the arrival of the King of Patina split bug last week, we received a container from the very very far away wild wild west with nobody less as the real Queen of Patina! 1958 11 window kombi with extreme drooling patina, and extreme high “originality” factor… Wet dreams for many of us (hey, that’s including me!)
Ladies and the Gentleman, all raise plse…. Here comes Her Majesty The Queen!

God save(d) the Queen!

Oh No, don’t come tell me it’s walk through… this Queen really is Extreme….

The Queen is for sale, looking for a new Land or region to reign! Can she reign over your garage? Is your Manhood strong enough to handle this Iron lady? Don’t misunderstood, this is a though one, she has more character than your ex-wife and ex mother in law together! But if You feel this is what You need, a spark of real BDSM in your life, don’t delay, contact me today… they simply don’t come this good anymore, I literally skunked it out a private collection… from somebody that understood conservation and appreciated Her originality… Bob@bbt4vw.com


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  1. Hi,Just Wondered if you still have the 56 or 58 kombis for sale and at what price?Im From London in the UK.

    Regards Carl.

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