Belgium Memorial Day, but still product news…

Today we remember the end of the World war I in Belgium, many moons ago on November 11 in 1918 finally made an end to this incredible battle in Belgium, all about the Big nations, all about POWER as only motivation…front line moving  only inches back and forth for days, weeks, sometimes months…  this battle was extremely bad, killed 8.5 million people (almost as much as the entire Belgian population today). After several conventions been signed to eliminate the use of chemical weapons.

 So remembering all poor soldiers, who died in that period not only from chemical gas, bullets, granates, bombs and alike but also from cold and undercooling we release something to keep You warm…exactly on this Memorial day! A very special thing to remember 11/11/11 @ this exact 11 o’clock, exactly 93 years after the signing of the armistice.

 So stay cool and put a warm BBT knitted beanie on your head to keep your head on clear thinking temperature!

Order yours now under BBT part 9950-000.

 With a lot of pride we want to let You know we became the distributor for wheels made by Italians most prominent BBT distributor, Dei Käfer service.

 Let us present you our  “Misano” model wheel. Fit  your late Bay or Vanagon T25/T3 bus, way more cool as original standard wheels, dress Your bus up now,  a lot of bling wheel for little  money… available under BBT ref 2572-200


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