Brand new arrivals this week, ready for You in our shelves!


So its Friday again, and we continue with our weekly updates, new products in the BBT range, every week more and more, even some we do not mention here as they contain only small upgrades from existing parts or parts too difficult to photograph, for the last ones we have to wait on the exploded views update… 


Ok enough talks for now let’s show what this week’s fuzz is all about!

# 3280-200 Vintage Speed exhaust  in mighty Stainless steel Type2 60-67 with pre heat 

 BBT is major distributor for Vintage Speed exhausts, so very logical we took two more models in our product range, Build with quality to last and perfect for lowered cars this Bus exhaust is a prefect alternative for your bus…

an ingenious little adapter make this exhaust goes for all type 1 engines from 1200 to 1600cc but with the wide pipe diameter also perfect for real Big engines! tuck it clean way under your rear valence!

# 3280-250 Vintage Speed exhaust in mighty Stainless steel Type4  

 also the model for Type 4 engines in your bus is now available straight from BBT stocks, so no reason to keep that old worn out exhaust anymore, these quality stainless solutions is what we will use on our custom busses, I guess when they’re good enough for our busses, they will be the perfect solution for yours too?


  Jackpoint complete rear  T2 68-79  # 0891-597 for Left and  # 0891-598 for

# 1248-095 Adapterkit remklauw Type 2 73-86 > Type 2 70-72

 With this little kit we made it a piece of cake to mount your later brake calipers to earlier Bay windows, Early calipers are expansive when You find, finally an economical solution that works.

 Brake calipers to fit are easy to order under BBT ref 1248-1 for left and 1249-1 for right

BBT #  3184-100  Knob for seat recliner  and #  3184-200  Guide plate  for seat recliner knob;

The knob itself comes with the really necessary clips, a perfect reproduction finally finished! Aplication for;

Bug front seats 12/66 – 7/71  ch.117 425 908 – 111 3200 000

Ghia front seats 08/67-01/72   ch.148 000 000 – 142 2360 201

Bus middle seat 8/67-07/71ch. 228 000 001-221 2102 250




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