Prototyp Hamburg, so much more as an ordinary museum!

Because of Bank Holiday in Belgium, You all get today an extreme long Blog post! For all of you to enjoy!!!

A visit to the recently opened Prototyp museum in Hamburg was already longer on my urgently to do list, but it really took off when my friend Thomas, one of the owners, invited me for a personal tour during last Bad Camberg… my blood was boiling, I simply had to find a way to turn that invitation in to a once in a lifetime experience and make finally that long desired visit.

So when plans been made for our Scandinavian “pilgrimage” last second half of August we decided to stop by @ our friends in Hamburg on our way “Up North” and see what’s the fuzz is all about… 

Nicolas was so happy to arrive after the long trip in the Westy, he could be acting perfectly as doorman actually…:)

 When there is Denzels You don’t have to worry, I feel good!

 it was pretty shocking for me… the Otto Matthé’s “Fetzenflieger” finally in the flesh.. this car (and his creator) is so important for how I think about cars today.. Google and learn more, but make sure You don’t come as addicted as I am…:)

 clearly I’m not the only one hanging cars against the wall, You see, I’m not so nuts as You think i am, or at least, I’m not the only crazy guy in town…:)

 ahhhh my personal favourite…. what a streamline… unbelievable!

 the front….. talking about perfect dimensions….

 Kubelwagen trany with BMW motorcycle engine, this was formula racing “avant la lettre”, or “PUR SANG” as they say…

 the real four seater Denzel….

 Amazing, Thomas and his brother in law have it simply all!

 Peter Max Muller, to see, to smell, to touch… is this heaven????

 The fact what intrigued me the most was not the cars maybe, but the philosophy behind that collection, amazing, it’s not just cars, but even more the people behind the cars, racers, mechanics, teams, engineers, You name it, its here, its a live and You can feel it in the air! You can very clearly feel the real vibrations, and what kept those people busy, it’s for sure the world leading collection about and behind German race car drivers, unbelievable the amount of trophies, books, license etc the Koenig brothers brought together, and they don’t stop yet… still on the search!

 The Koenig brothers been known for their split window Porsches for years now, they had so many… there was only one on display at the time of our visit… but one that can count! 

Ladies and gentlemen this is the oldest split window coupe known in the world! NOT in Stuttgart, but in Hamburg… Cheers to that!

 I think this was my preferred piece of literature…

 Yes this started as a real Porsche, until it became property of the owners of this crazy place… now its a simulator!

Hey, how I’m doing Gonzo?


not that easy huh??? ok agree, You’re way better than me, way better, better that way, I hired you as a professional driver after all…:)

 The Carrera room… most people would be happy to have just one, here… you can pick your favourite color!

All Carrera’s  with the incredible four cam engines… Carrera, Carrera 2, Carrera GT, even Carrera convertible… come on, let’s stay serious, this must be photoshop! Well, no, it isn’t, this is real…

Seeing this in real is like having Sex, but different! Garanteed!

 Found in a field between the weeds, only 30 km from the museum, do I need to say more????

 Last but not least… The VW/Porsche train from the Berlin Zoo, yes it drives, and it pulls so many wagons as You wish, the perfect people transporter… we don’t stop drooling!

 Thomas, Linda and me, before the museums pride, the 1938 Porsche Typ 64 Berlin Rome car. awesome… 

How can I ever thank you Thomas for this personal tour? Your personal guidance with all of your explanation, passion and love. Wawh! This was really a big bang start of our trip… we will never forget! I hope to return one day for sure! Meanwhile You have an all-time open invitation to Antwerp, I’m sure we can guide You around…

 and our westy’s? they awaited outside for the rest of the trip. many many kilometers to come, ready for adventures, thrilling and shaking….that you can tell at first sight.

Hey Dennis I didn’t know You where that jealous to Gonzo and his T5 Eurovan and closed trailer combination so You wanted also a big trailer behind your bus…:)


Next epsiode of our Scandinavian trip from last August will handle SCC meet… coming soon! so stay tuned!

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