Lego & VW

Lego will pay tribute to the Volkswagen Westfalia camper with a new kit that goes on sale in October. The model is based on a 1962 Volkswagen bus with the sought-after pop-top camper option. The interior even features a sink and dinette, along with the all important bench seat-cum-double bed.

Lego’s hippie hooptie features the classic tri-colour V paint scheme up front, a lava lamp inside, and a “Make LEGO models not war” T-shirt hanging in the window. In back, there’s even a replica of the van’s flat-four engine wedged between the rear axle and the floor.

According to the model’s designer, the hardest thing was translating the VW’s curves to brick form, but it looks like they got as close as possible, given the medium. Check out a video of Lego’s assembly-required homage to the Volkswagen Bus by clicking on the link below:

News source: Lego, 14 August 2011. 

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