Baywindow news!

Some of you allready found out this new item @ EBI4 meeting where we ‘ve displayed the very first finished production models.
Now the full production arrived and we are ready to suply them from our stocks.

The bumper mount part has been made in 2,5 mm thick steel while the profile between bumper support area and chassis has been made in 3 mm thick steel.
The body mount area has even been fortified to a 6 mm thick body contact area. The left side support also has the tow hook attachment as it was foreseen on original bumper brackets.

From now these bumper brackets can be obtained @ your local BBT parts distributor under product codes:

# 0019-450 Bumperbracket, rear left Type 2 08/72-07/79
# 0019-460 Bumperbracket, rear right Type 2 08/72-07/79

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