“Filip” 15 years BBT and counting!

Whenever we need our trusty, walking VW bible Filip, he’s not around.Frustrating as it may seem, however we know that at these moments, Filip is taking care of something for us. 

Always somewhere in a dark or just light corner, taking photographs of BBT stock parts.

After starting as a very dedicated driver Filip became a very professional counter sales guy. Later he became purchase assistant for a short period before entering his today’s position as BBT’s in house publisher. Over 15 years in BBT service and still counting!

The all new BBT catalogue in 3 different editions published in no less as 5 different languages for sure is his credit for the work done during 2010. Yes we offer, thanks to Filip, the BBT catalogue in Dutch(Flemish), French, English, German and Spanish. 

Currently Filip is working on a upgrade from the BBT picture data base, the new BBT website with real time online BBT catalog and all BBT advertising. Most posts of this blog also comes from his desk.

Filip, thanks mate, keep up the good job! You’re doing great!


Filip, thanks mate, keep up the good job! You’re doing great!

Picture and text credit goes to Hans, the extreme Junior BBT booster!


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  1. Hans,

    Many thanks for these nice words! 15 years indeed is quite a long time and I am still a lucky guy to be able to enjoy working in BBT’s team. New challenges enough here…

    Catalog development indeed was painstaking and I hope it will be a very useful tool for all of us, VW addicts. Nevertheless, credits aren’t for me alone. The whole BBT team did his part in the job and lucky enough I became in position to work with some peoples who are at least equal, or even more fanatic in doing their thing. Regular trainings from my forerunner Ruben, still a BBT partner, keep me on track in this new challenge and there’s still a lot to do…

    More information will follow soon.

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