On the cover of a glossy magazine….

Check out the latest Japanese Street VW magazine full coverage of Japan’s first Vintage treffen…

and who’s on the back cover of this fantastic mag?

Woehaa, we made it to the backcover!!! With extreme good memories on this beautiful weekend where Linda and me drove Mr Komori’s extreme cool Dannenhauer and Stauss. We like to thank again the entire Flat 4 team, and especially Mr & Mrs Komori and Nao for taking such good care for us during our stay.

Well get your copy of that latest Street VW magazine (vol78) for the full coverage and to get the taste to visit next edition, I hear rumours there would be a continuation probably in  september 2011???? Stay tuned for more info, because VW’s are cool, and Japan culture is very cool, so Vintage VW’s in Japan are extreme cool! Don’t miss out next edition!

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