Klassisches VW vintage treffen in Japan!

Wowh! This weekend our Japanese friends friends from Flat4 fame blew me of my socks! They organised the first “Klassisches Vintage VW treffen” in Japan.

Of course BBT was a proud sponsor, and therefor I was invited to drive an extreme rare Dannenhauer & Stauss to the show and cruize….  They didn’t have to ask me twice for sure!

But do you want to drive on the other side of the road like you’re used to? (Japan is RHD) and especially in a city like Tokyo with a (partial) skyline like this?

With traffic signs on the side of the road like this?

but organisation and setting was just beautiful! We felt like in the Swiss Alps, but with Japanese food and drinks, and the ever lovely and charming Japanese people!

and more….

BBT was out in full force, here was our trading booth!

… and the three winners from the three awards, The CSP award, The BBT award (went to the beautiful 1943 Kubelwagen) and of course the Flat 4 award for Best of show…

All what left us was a beautiful drive back to Flat4 HQ in Tokyo in our unbelievable loaner car, we almost drove straight to the harbour for shipping home…. Thank God we ran in traffic and the way back took a while…. was hard to give this beauty back at the end of the weekend….

With this we like to thank Mr. and Mrs Komori as owners of Flat4 as well as the entire Flat4 team under very professional direction of our good friend Nao-san for a wonderful weekend,  BBT is very proud it had been selected like “Hauptsponsor” and trough this way strengthened the connection between Flat4 and the Japanese scene on one side, and BBT with the european VW moving on the other side.

As said and expressed in my speech on Saturday; even we do not speak the same language, we feel with our hearts all for the same cars, same brand, same models, unbelievable how this passion can break all barriers down!

More pictures of this treffen on BBT website coming soon!


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  1. c’est un beautifull Dannenhauer &Stauss André… voiture multi sympa! je veut essayer de poster plus de photos plus tard dans la semaine!

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