1961 SO34 Flip Seat camper, original Westfalia!

For many VW enthusiasts the Westfalia build SO34 flip seat camper is the dream to become. We do like them ourselves very very much, and on top of that, SO34’s are rather rare and hard to find.

When this SO34 arrived at our premises one of BBT’s trusty friends of the house fell in love, deep in love with this bus. Sentimental as we are we granted a two year marriage for him, so happened, the guy took two long years with his beloved Westy, made a new all correct BBT speciality wooden headliner, welded the bus like it should, and painted the red part again in correct color scheme, he rebuilt the tranny and renewed the brakes, this bus is a real freeway flyer now!

After two years he is now ready to part with it as soon as it’s sold, travelled to many shows in Western Europe, this might be a well known bus by now!….

Are You ready for this baby to drive where You want, or take You where she wants? Are You ready to sleep with the factory flip top open, enjoying 1000 stars and the moon? Don’t delay, and contact us for more info today…

1961 SO34 Flip Seat camper, original Westfalia!: Check out more pics on the BBT-website!


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  1. My 1960 SO-23 paint code is SK 692A. I have heard of SK692B- a bus that was scrapped in Texas years ago.Mine is light green over dark green. How rare is this bus due to its’ color?

  2. I don’t think it is very rare because of its color, but way more rare being a flip seat that early… the bus is repainted as well… had its whole life, but look wonderfull don’t You think? SO 34’s rules; we have three in stock currently!

    Take care Tim and thanks for checking in times to times….

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