Kubelwagen to Ireland.

Friday the truck came to pick up the 1945 Kubelwagen and bring it to his new home base in Dublin Ireland, there it will be reunited with the 1943 Kubelwagen it was sitting in the same garage with since the early sixties… We like to congratulate Mr James expressively with his new toy.

Big truck and trailer for little Kubelwagen, don’t You think?

0048 45 Kubel to IRL 20048 45 Kubel to IRL


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  1. Nice Kubelwagen, got any more pictures? I am interested in finding information on how VW produced the 4X4 vertion as in the Shwimmwagen, and the Komandeur wagen..

  2. Yes this was a very nice Kubelwagen, if You just sent me an email I can evantually get the requested pictures to You, Fourwheeldrive was not an easy task in 1945, they let came the front wheel drive train come out on the nose of the tranny, with a middle box near the shifter, after that they created special framehead on the chassis, that holds the differntial, its kind of neat early mechanics….

    thanks for your comments…


  3. Hi
    I live in Dublin and have a couple of old 1950’s split window beetles and never knew there was any let alone 2 Kubelwagens in Ireland since the 60’s , can you forward my email address to the owner please

  4. Hi John

    Thank You so much for your comment, but I’m 2 weeks out of the country, if You email me on Bob@BBT4VW.com after Nov 24 I can see if I can dig it all through, the owner has a massive war car collection, but is always in HongKong as far s I know….

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