Super VW magazine is cool!

Beside our cool monthly publicity this month’s Super VW nr 240 features no less as two ex BBT cars, wonderful don’t You think?

Mr Arnaud Fey with the magic Blue Zwitter ragtop and Mr Fabrice Brunel with his more then lovely split, thanks for buying BBT guys! Keep up the great job, and congratulations with your beautiful features!

Of course a big thanks also to the redaction of Super VW, Serge, Julien, you’re the guys, we’re not tired yet, we like more from this! let the passion flows!

So if You don’t have the number 240 yet, well run to the Bookstore NOW! to buy it, or even better go straight online and subscribe today… french magazines just have style!!! (click on US flag for english language)

0045 Super VW mag 1

0045 Super VW mag 3

0045 Super VW mag 2


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