Wow , real steel Sprintstar !!


SMOKING HOT Steel Sprintstar sample arrived!

Because You’re on our Blog You know what’s happening at BBT HQ. Well here is the proof! Only minutes ago the courier delivered our very first sample of wide 5 steel sprintstar wheel, At this very moment of writing we started the testing already. It looks beautiful but has to be good as well… this brand new wheel has to meet the BBT quality label at least!  Pre orders welcome!

 Come to check this out at BBT Open House or at the BBT booth at EBI3. Our booth will be situated near “THE BRIDGE” this and many more new BBT products will be launched out there….


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  1. Hello I’m INDRA from Indonesia
    I want ask you…..How about price sprint star wheel until my House…and how about order parts from BBT for my BUS 1962 safari window….

  2. Hi there!

    In my eye not one of the best ideas in the last time. As an owner of a rare set OG chromed Sprintstars see that its only for profit to produce such a wheel.


  3. Thanks for comment Thomas. In our eyes real rare parts keep always their values, look at BRM’s, they doubled in price when Flat4 brought reproductions to the market. So now we can test the real rarity and desirness for the real sprintstars.
    The fact we should work only for profit tells me You have no clue who we are and what we do… first we only make and reproduce what our customers are asking for. Second I think we’re more enthusiast as who ever. 22 years ago I traded in everything I had to start my bussiness driven out of my VW hobby and even right now I have several weeks a year I work over a 100 hours only to serve my customers with my VW passion.

    always at your service


  4. Hi there Bob, can you tell is this a close as possible replica or another spin on things? Any chance of a four bolt version. What you have come up with does look amazing.


  5. Hey Ross

    Thanks for checking in!

    If You know BBT a little by now You have to know we only go for the full job, its real steel, no flimpsy alu, Chrome was tested to automotive standards in an 240 hours salt spray test… we started from a real one off course, and so to reply your question, Yes , its pretty close, we left the difference for the connoisseur, but he will have to kneel or bent over to check and see the difference… well they will be available in october, production started… by the way the production is made in no less as 6 steps! Three years of development at least leads to something…

    we can’t wait ourselves…. another BBT excitment…

  6. Thanks for support Tony, for development plse look also on our post from 28 october, and follow up new posts as well, as every time there is some news to tell we will make a new post, so nobody miss out!


  7. hi. how much for 2 4.5 and 2 5.5 chrome sprinsters, and do you deliver to uk. what off set are they many thanks shane

  8. Unfortunatly we do not retail out of Belgium, but You can get BBT sprintstars at any of the known VW parts shops in the UK, they’re all BBT distributors. For a distributor in your area just email to, include your address!
    we have a lot of different offsets;
    in 4.5 we have 15, 25 and 34
    in 5.5 we have 10, 15, 25 and 34
    so enough to choose from and the only aftermarket wheel available in different offsets!

    a lot of sprintstar fun!


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