A real Belgian Mach 1 beetle revived!

Belgian importer D’Ieteren made a special Mach1 version of the beetle. during a period from a couple of years these fully dressed beetles been available through the VW dealer network in Belgium. This is considered as special as an EMPI GTV bug, but the european version.

Mach1 Beetles came with a powerful Okrasa engine, with several options like sportssteeringwheel, stripings etc etc…

“FFFast Fred” Frederic Peeters (from EBI fame) and his lovely wife Isabelle are the happy owners of this real Mach 1 and restored all the way down! This is considered¬† as one of the few Mach 1 that stayed alive. there’s less as a handfull!

2018-08-04 11.31.14_resized

Isabelle and Frederik showed off their “Belle”¬† at the Spa Francorchamps Le Bug Show last week, thanks for that FFFFred

2018-08-04 11.32.13_resized

For Belgian VW people this is real special, and thanks to FFFred this one survived!


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