Friday Product Update

Because of recent import of many VW bay window buses out of the USA (and so to US specs) demand for type 4 engine parts is on the rise for sure, We @ BBT try to get as many parts as we can get to keep those babies on the road!

These “elbow” pipes You can find in front of your engine (in driving direction ) between your heat exchanger and the heater control flap (that connects with a cable to your dash control levers). Good condition of these elbows is mandatory to make your heater system work as it should be.

We’re happy we have found those parts now and added to our ever-growing program to keep your Volkswagen on te road!

Sold per pair with a  perfect fit on all of Your aircooled Type 4 engines in your Bay window or T25/T3 vanagon bus! Order yours now….

1080-450 Elbows heatexchanger to heaterflap Type4 (Pair) – Bus 08/71-07/85




We have received a new production from these small rubber seals that “grip” the clips of your door panels.

We have two models to serve all aircooled needs. The first one (BBT 0405-550) is for all bay window buses, the second one (BBT 0405) is the one for all other aircooled models using this system.

The difference is that the holes in the door from a bay window are 1mm smaller as from beetles, Ghia’s and Type 3’s….. so the perfect plug for the perfect job, your choice!

For Bay window;

0405-550 Rubber seal for door panel clip  Bay window bus 08/67-07/79

For all other aircooled VW models using this system of plugs and clips;

0405 Rubber seal for doorpanel clip All beetles, Ghia’s and Type 3’s (Original)

BBT’s FPU team wish You a wonderful and lovely weekend.

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