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Friday product update

Two weeks without Product update, BBT’s Open House and convoy, Hessisch Oldendorf and European Bug in kept us very, very busy!

But now we’re back, and we have been busy in our product dept for sure, so loads of new parts to present today….

Parts from VW people for VW people… we at BBT use our own parts on our own cars, and do drive our cars, camp in them, live them, breath them….

Bug in Convoy 1_blog

so what’s new, and what we do exactly did last couple of weeks to help your hobby! let’s move to the parts now….

BBT # 0524-560 Sliding door handle with cap all Bay window bus 08/67-07/79 Silverbeige

Replace that worn out, and cracked or broken handle with this quality product! the best on the market and at an extreme competitive price too! not the flimsy plastic whobbling reproduction, but something really usable here!

DSCN9828_blog DSCN9829_blog DSCN9830_blog


BBT #1200-700 Mountingkit mastercylinder, all Beetle with regular front axle (no Super Beetle) 

No need to clean those old bushings, or over-thighten old scruffy bolts, we got the perfect kit to assemble that brake master cylinder back to your chassis now….



 BBT # 1200-710 Mountingkit mastercylinder for all beetles with Mac Pherson Front suspension.

No need to clean these old bushings, or over-tighten old scruffy bolts, we got the perfect kit to assemble that brake master cylinder back to your chassis now….


BBT # 1208-150 Brake line reservoir to master cylinder 0.5m Bay window bus build between 72-79

very special designed and not replaceable by anything, we thought to come up and make it like original, for all you to have….

1208-150 1_blog 1208-150 2_blog

BBT # 0257-010 Rubber brake/clutch pedal pad  (wedge type)

After VW fined us for selling  pedal pads with VW logo seems they can’t supply themselves. We have found the only solution in the 1974 and later pedal pads, they don’t carry a VW logo so that’s no big deal but they fit all models and years… we working on the official distribution of the logo version but not ready yet, at least we have here an alternative for the time being, fits all beetles, and T25/T3 Vanagon buses…

0257-010a_blog 0257-010_blog


BBT # 1337-150 King pin stop bolt all splitwindow bus -67

Replace both original models, this BBT one fits all! Proud BBT production! Suspension guru’s, this one is especially for You!

1337-150_blog 1337-150a_blog This is the dirty old part… make it shine (and usable) again with a brand new BBT part!1337-150b_blog


BBT # 0704-250 Bushing for shock pad body-frame (2)  all beetles 08/71-

Proud BBT production for a part obsolete for a long time now, running out of used parts made us producing it! Helps You to finish the restoration of your baby like it should…



Due to incredible demand of sun visors we decided to enlarge our programs to all VW models we sell parts for…. we don’t have exactly all pictures available yet, but under here is a list what they are all available for!



BBT # 0486-140 Sun visor Karmann Ghia coupe Blue (plastic)

BBT # 0486-141 Sun visor   Karmann Ghia coupe Red (plastic)

BBT # 0486-142 Sun visor  Karmann Ghia coupe Green (plastic)

BBT # 0486-143 Sun visor  Karmann Ghia coupe Smoke (plastic)


BBT # 0486-190 Sun visor all Split window bus -67  Blue (plastic)

BBT # 0486-191 Sun visor all Split window bus -67 Red (plastic)

BBT # 0486-192 Sun visorall Split window bus -67  Green (plastic)

BBT # 0486-193 Sun visor all Split window bus -67 Smoke (plastic)



BBT # 0486-250 Sun visor T25/Vanagon Blue (plastic)

BBT # 0486-251 Sun visor T25/Vanagon Red (plastic)

BBT # 0486-252 Sun visor T25/Vanagon Green (plastic)

BBT # 0486-253 Sun visor T25/Vanagon Smoke (plastic)



BBT # 0486-280 Sun visor Type 3 Blue (plastic)

BBT # 0486-281 Sun visor Type 3 Red (plastic)

BBT # 0486-282 Sun visor Type 3 Green (plastic)

BBT # 0486-283 Sun visor Type 3 Smoke (plastic)

and besides all sunvisors we decided to supply also all mounting kits separately… off course every sunvisor comes with their own mounting kit, but now they’re also available separately….

BBT # 0486-001 Sun visor mounting kit Beetle all years


BBT # 0486-002 Sun visor mounting kit Karmann Ghia and  Type 3


BBT # 0486-003 Sun visor mounting kit Splitwindowbus -67


BBT # 0486-004 Sun visor mounting kit Bay window bus 68-79 + T25 79-92


This week in the T25/T3 Vanagon corner;

0409-651  Door panel clips side and rear T25/Vanagon  5/79-8/92 (push-in model) Fits also VW Golf MK 1 –

just like original!!! brand new in our program! Made in Germany, by factory used to make this for Volkswagen! More original would be illegal….



BBT stocks also T25/Vanagon German Made  engine gasket kits

BBT ref # 1770-500 Valve cover gasket kit T25 D and TD (cork)



BBT # 1770-550 Valve cover gasket kit T25 D and TD (rubber)


BBT # 1776-200 Engine gasketkit T25 1.9/2.1 waterboxer


BBT # 1776-500 Enginecase gasketkit T25 Diesel and T-Diesel


BBT # 1776-600 Cilinderheadgasketkit T25 1600cc Diesel (CS)


BBT # 1776-610 Cilinderheadgasketkit T25 1600cc T-Diesel (JX)


BBT # 1776-620 Cilinderheadgasketkit T25 1700cc Diesel (KY)



This week we like to end in all serenity…. with our engine vent trims for split window buses, talking with many at VW shows lately only few are aware BBT sells these state of the art reproductions from the vent  trims, so now You know! spread the word to the world!

536 08

BBT # 0404-400 Engine vent trims Splitwindow bus  -02/63 Stainless steel


BBT # 0404-401 Engine vent trims Splitwindow bus 03/ 63-67 Stainless steel



BBT…. Parts for VW people from VW people… ask your local distributor for the BBT brand!

Bug In convoy 2

Volkswagens, its all about friends… and having a good time!

With all visit and the tours, convoy, shows etc all for Volkswagens and with so many international visitors  last two weeks we only can be so happy we met so many friends, family, customers and suppliers, we have some pictures here to show, with people instead of cars…:)

Before the start of the festivities we thought to hang up our Lolypop VW sign, did You catch it during your visit? it wasn’t exactly easy, and we needed team work here, or what friends are for!

001_blogFriday june 22nd,  06.00 o clock, BBT Convoy day starts, the bakery deliver the catering fresh bread, rolls and the meanwhile infamous Belgian “Koffiekoeken” with his split window delivery truck, did You catch the bakery truck that early on Friday morning? Team spirit was very high here, even that early! ….002_blog ah, this is the Belgian Koffiekoeken….  don’t they look good? They all drove to Hessisch Oldendorf same day, in all participants stomach’….:)003_blog just one of many “down the road pictures”, isn’t it amazing Old Volkswagens put so many people in movement!004_blog BBT Hungary and BBT HQ vans having their chat! 100_7270_blogMy very best Southern Californian buddy Rick Sadler (from Bugpack fame) with wife Lynn and daughter Kai on a terrace at HODSC01060_blog same terrace, acouple of hours later, the terrace actually served almost like my local BBT office, the whole friday afternoon and evening all friends came and went .. extreme cool, here we see in the back ground John Henry, Brian Holcomb, Steve from BBT Spain, Arlette and Werner and our own Pascal… at the table is Annelies, Oval Dean and Beatrice his girlfriend…DSC01061_blog Holland versus France, are we taking soccer here? PP (Vintage import)and Ilonka (Pinocar), not a couple, but by coincidence next to each other, very cool!DSC01062_blog and our personal mascot for the weekend, in the back of our car!DSC01071_blogoeps, who is this sexy guy in shorts here? don(‘t look like one, but he’s a top hunter, hard to believe huh, maybe that’s his natural camouflage… one of BBT’s top car hunters from Pinocar fame
DSC01174_blog Paul Rui (Oslo Norway) drives with Tom and Shelly Niedernhofer the BBT’s 52 convertible in the tour on Saturday…DSC01198_blog part of the BBT team, Gonzo is telling a good joke it seems…DSC01225_blog Godson Dennis and girlfriend Seffi, both very happy they went along! DSC01226_blog a picture that’s really important to me, with my friend Jacques Mertens… a man who I pay a lot of respect to, he collects split window beetles since 1969, probably the longest of everybody  in Belgium! DSC01227_blog BBT’s 1958 double door samba made a lot of people happy! DSC01232_blog Francis Baptist parking his Lowlight convertibleDSC01236_blog very special moments with my friend Ron Fleming (Fat Performance) and Darrell Vittone son of the founder of EMPI, so special! DSC01240_blog and Seffi with Leentje, girlfriends from BBT guys, but actually considered almost BBT girls themselves….:)DSC01243_blogVery good  friends from the Bay area, Mark Merrill, wife Peggy and nephew Nick….
DSC01246_blogI was called on stage on Saturday night at HO, for a reward to bring the convoy over, was very nice to stand between the major and the head of the Police…. yes I did felt very safe….:)
DSC01248_blogThe BBT reply to reward was a drivers Badge… the only drivers badge given to a non participant is always the show we go to organizer….
DSC01261_blog Ray Shubert and Family in the BBT KubelwagenDSC01265_blog and last but not least, a very very happy Oval Dean (BBT Athens Greece) with wife Beatrice and yours truly before part of our collection….oVAL DEAN AND bEATRICE_blogI must have seen at least a trillion people more, old friends, good friends, new friends and go on, I feel real bad I did not make more photographs, but mainly I was too busy talking, to all people not on the pictures above but met last two weeks, you’re all in my heart buddy’s, that’s for sure!

Fresh arrived; 1967 Single cab pick up, original Belgian car, totally untouched!

1967 Single cab pick up, with all 1967 only features still in place, an extreme cool project!

DSC01356_blog original paint don’t hide nothing….DSC01358_blog all complete and untouched….DSC01359_blogDrives and brakes, what a VW is supposed to do, a service before hitting the road is recomended…
DSC01362_blog pretty straight bed, this baby for sure hadn’t had a hard lifeDSC01363_blog original seats in original upholstery, in good condition, unmolested dash, with the 1967 only radio block off plate still in place…DSC01365_blog original cab floors in good condition, left AND right… the rockers need replacement in and out, but nothing real bad, and being untouched, a thrill to start….DSC01369_blog hmmmmmm…..DSC01378_blogpriced to sell, so don’t delay and contact us today, all further information ONLY on

European Bug In was a Blast…. again

Despite weather and terrain conditions, and some more malfunctions in organisation we had another wonderful weekend in Chimay.

so sad the race track kept wet on one side so the race was one lane only! But could not slow down the fun… Saturday night was huge, and we experienced that all…

We hope to get You pictures anytime soon, today we let you have our BBT booth already…. just for You to enjoy…

Alain was working with us all weekend

DSC01336_blog Old Blue, a former US race car was flip crashed, flipped over and was all into pieces, they let crush into a cube, and kept it behind the shop, until we found it… the smallest VW race car in the world? the most compact for sure… BBT had it on display.DSC01338_blog

Sunday crew came in form of Saartje, Stephanie, Tim and Kurt… thanks guys for helping us making it happen! BugInn 011_blog all BBT private production on display, or a big part of it at least….:)BugInn 013_blog

we brought out the radical split…. its still for sale, didn’t sell over the weekend….DSC01342_blog some overviewsDSC01344_blog DSC01348_blog looked almost like an old VW garage…. we thought it was cool, hope You enjoyed…DSC01353_blog

BBT’s Teufelheb, meanwhile, was pretty busy on the track, special Thanks to Steve (Steve’s VW shop) Ray Schubert, and Rick Sadler for all the help! and Hans for playing our favorite toy….

foto 1_blog foto 2_blog foto 3_blog foto 4_blog

I have to thank all BBT people and friends that helped to make this happen, my wife and children, Dennis and Seffi, Alain, Koen and Miriam, Dirk, Randy and Ray, Bart,  Hans and Leentje, the great Gonzo, Long Hair Pascal and Annelies, Kurt, Saartje, Tim en Stephanie and the american BBT buddy’s Bill, Brian, Tom and Carson who drove cars over and back, Helped with pack, transport, build up, attend, explained, discussed, took booth down, loaded up and brought it all safe back to BBT HQ, today is unpack and wash day, to make sure autohal is back to normal, and we can start our weekly cores in a close to normal way!

EBI 5 is history now, but we didn’t miss a single beat of it… Thanks to Kobus, Fred and Mike to organize this mega beautiful event


New convertible project arrived…


One of the latest arrivals didn’t had much luck and has got a little engine compartment burnout in his previous life.


Bob’s latest travel to the US saved this 1974 1303 convertible from the scrapyard and we brought it to Europe so this convertible can get a new start. Rock solid and affordable project.

More info…