Friends of the house

Friends of BBT participate in the launch of the ID Buzz electric micro-bus during the Monterey Car Week

By now most of you have seen VW launched the new VW bus at the Pebble beach week, or better called the Monterey car week….

Rick, Tom & Mark, 3 very close friend of Da BBT Houze, helped full force to make that happen, Mark granted several of his split window buses as courtesy cars… Rick orchestrated, and Tom… drove with the board of directors in a 21 window samba to get the gentlemen where they belonged…

Some “atmosphere” pictures only for you, straight from the USA

and at the world-famous holly grounds of the 18th hole at Pebble Beach golf links , the grounds that been used for the Pebble Beach concourse d’elegance, same spot! 

 Congrats to our friends! They did a wonderful job!

Oh Yes, and Porsche announced Rennsport IV reunion for next year at the Peninsula, maybe time to ship the BBT speedster back from where it came for a holiday?


A very special gift….

When Friend of Da Houze Kurt invited us over for the inauguration of his new building I came up with just a very special gift!

Kurt must be one of the largest EMPI collectors on Planet Earth and far beyond so I teamed up with Ron Fleming and Greg Aronson from FAT Performance fame, and let sign them the last the set of T bars they ever made before they closed down (in fact I let them sign three sets of T bars) these are the only three sets in the world. Thanks to my friend Rick Sadler for the handling these T bars arrived sound and safe in Belgium

So the very last set we framed nicely up and handed over to Kurt at his inauguration party for his new building… I’m sure they will get a very special place in his cool building. If You ever will be invited for a visit by Kurt do not hesitate! Its extreme cool and a huge tribute to the VW Cal Look scene!

Keep up the faith Kurt!


Two ceremonies in two days!

Last friday AND saturday, I both drove for a wedding ceremony…

For sure not my everyday kind a task, but to some special people to me I simply can’t say no…

Friday was the premier with Els and Ian, in a wonderful location of Bazel Belgium, Ian was a long time BBT customer, but the friendship only came real valuable when I was involved in the shipping of his all original black ragtop beetle to his new home in California USA.


Saturday it was Melissa and Yannick’s turn to say Yes! and they did this in great style! Why I drove Mel and Yannick is very easy to understand when I tell you Yannick is the son of our local VW dealer just around the corner of BBT You can understand why i drove this guy and his levely bride to church!

As we all can see if i do something i take things serious… 🙂

I wish both couples a very happy, long and meaningful married life….


Alain will leave us tomorrow, after 21 years of truly dedicated years of full force dedication!

Alain started @ BBT on October 1st 1996… almost 21 years ago!

Started in our warehouse as picker & packer, Alain came in to the sales office pretty fast as assistant sales manager, and from there he became my personal purchase assistant, a job he would do very precious so he became our full purchase manager.

Many travels and adventures later and scanned the entire globe for Volkswagen parts Alain feels its time for an other challenge and realise that computer screens are not the only way he like to work and live….

We wish You a lot of success Alain, and hopefully can all your dreams come trough! we’re behind You!

Can You find Alain in every single picture above???? …:)

Alain’s Email is still working today and tomorrow, so you can say hi or goodbye!

All BBT purchasing will be divided completely in two from here;

Europe will be handled by Arjan

Overseas will be handled by Jerry

Thank You for coming and participating, here’s your reward pictures and a cool movie from the convoy!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Thank you for attending our open house, for driving our Convoy for talking about us and especially for being our customer!

Last week was so busy and important to us, maybe we missed You to tell You personally, but we really appreciated the big turn out from all of our visitors and participants!

Keep up the great work of supporting us and lets meet again, anytime soon!

Don’t forget to check out the video below….