Friends of the house

One the oldest sambas of the universe unveiled!

Our friend Florian from Bonn Germany found one 23 window barndoor samba. Very early this bus should be one of the oldest Samba’s know to survive!

this will be a real serious restoration, definitely not for the faint at hearted!

as found as it sat for ages!

after rescue it was clear there was not “that much” left anymore….

The ID plate….

every car needs a steering wheel….

I bet You never saw a Barndoor Deluxe loaded on two single cabs before, … what a story! Today @ 2.00pm Florian hosts an international party to celebrate to finding of this bus, we await more pictures to share with all of you!

With a little help from some friends….. The Volksworld project split…..

When Lloyd and Max contacted me at first they had really talk to me to prove they worked on the right project, even Ivan MacCutcheon was involved for while… but they knew how to crack my codes and found my weak points, so I opened the incredible BBT secret caves full of ultra rare parts to help Max and Lloyd on their most wanted and hardest find parts for their split project.

The result is just stunning and blew many away @ last edition of Volksworld show…

Good job Max and Lloyd , congratulations….

the Dub Cave

Last Sunday friends of Da Houze Kevin & Dave had their official opening from their new VW workshop; “The Dub Cave”, simply the best workshop in town!! All info on

Same time they did a massive crowdfunding for Lies, sister of a close friend and a very lovely girl who unfortunately is not blessed with the best health… she undergoes now an iimmunotherapy what’s very costly and not refunded by insurance!

We all think that it was extremely cool from Kevin and Dave to use their  official opening and open house to try to help to get this all paid for…

If You like to help You can donate here

All together we get Lies healthy again!!!

Because of all this Kevin and Dave had huge interest from the press… this was in our regions most read Newspaper, Full Page!!!!! Gogogo Kevin and Dave!!!