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Coming soon!!! AirMighty Issue n°10!

Only 2 weeks left before the latest Airmighty # 10 deluxe edition will be ready, this European lifestyle magazine for the aircooled VW scene will be available @ BBT soon after that.

Once again this edition is loaded full of car features and show reports in a typical 3 language Airmighty style. Make sure you’ll get your copy!!!

Please contact us for more info and reservations.


40 ft box sheet metal parts

Just in and only a few hours later we start to distribute loads of body panels, spare wheel boxes, bottom plates and much more…

Warehouse wizard Bart carefully puts the metal boxes in place. These boxes were custom made by our in house A-team member Gonzo, who made 50 of these to put in those large metal parts.


Weird thing

These weird creatures came in recently… Pascal and I simply couldn’t determinate it so in a  few minutes spare time we took the chance to investigate and give these 3-wheelers a name.

That shopping basket looks usefull @ swap meeting…

It seems to be a Norsjö Shopper, quite commonly seen in the sixties and Seventies in Sweden. First production began in 1962 and production stopped somewhere halfway the seventies. The front end could be opened sideways for easy access. Manufacturer of these Shopper three-wheeler was Norsjö in Forshaga, Sweden.
Motorisation was at first an single HP aircooled Husqvarna powerplant with manual transmission and mechanical, foot opperated, clutch. Later models came with 1,5 HP Fichtel & Sachs 47cc engine with Saxonette automatic transmission. Top speed??? 60 kph.

This funny thing had a cord pull start and you really were in trouble when the engine was hard to start and the cord was broken…

Shall we drop in a real engine and prepare them for line-up at the drag strip?