Workshop news

Upscale product testing

We, at BBT, are not afraid to test our parts on serious cars… last week we tested some of our carburetor and linkage parts on a real Hebmuller, when its good enough for the best, its good enough for your car too, don’t You agree?

If quality is desired, BBT has the solution to many of the parts You might need to finish your project vintage VW!

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Workshop update….

The BBT workshop try to finish all projects in time, so what keeps us busy…..

The 1958 kombi walk through is getting welded, in regards to save as much as possible patina as per customers request.

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The 1970 Westfalia getting new brakes to pass technical inspection before delivery to its proud new owner….

DSC04790_blogafter that we have a line up to service several sold cars, before delivery. And try out a new way of Vintage style dual carbs on a Hebmuller…. yammie,

The BBT workshop today…

The good old Porsche Diesel tractor is finally almost finished from an engine overhaul, we are only fighting an idle problem…. hopefully we’ll find it soon… so it can go back to where it belongs… working in the woods….

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Tempo tempo…..

Tempo time!

We helped our friends from Terror Garage to get their Tempo ready on time for the big show in Hessisch Oldendorf the 4th weekend of ¬†last June… We have some workshop shots we wanted to share with you…. Enjoy!









Once ready we decided it was better to drive it there on a trailer (top speed of a Tempo is 70km/hr) 



Another mission accomplished …. Thanks to Yanto and Mike from terror Garage for giving us this experience….